Promotional Pencil Cases Custom Printed

Who doesn't have happy childhood memories of sharpened Derwent pencils in a promotional pencil case. Your company can harness these long held emotions by supplying business contacts with custom pencil cases produced through our manufacturing and design service. Around the office, at home, even as general utility bags for the car or travelling, a promotional pencil case has a range of uses and is appreciated by anyone who needs to manage their writing instrument collection.

    Using Pencil Cases in Marketing & Promotions

    From neoprene rubber pencil cases through to giveaway styles made of heat welded vinyl, there's a model and price point to suit every marketing campaign. Everyone loves a pencil and it makes sense to have them as part of your promotional kit. To learn more about the pencil case design service and the branding options on offer scribble down this number, 1800 129 999 and give Fresh Promotions a call!

    Pencil Cases Can Help Build Your Brand

    For children, pencil cases are necessary item used to keep their most important tools safe during school or personal use. Pencils can be used to write assignments, take notes, or draw, and children will often have entire collections of pencils that they use to do a myriad of different activities. A pencil case can be used to keep all of these pencils safe and in an easy to find location, and when branding placed on a pencil case, a company logo or message can be put on display for all to see.

    During school hours, pencil cases will often rest on top of desks in order to keep all of a child’s necessary pencils in an easy to access location. As this case rests atop of a desk, the branding on the item can be seen by all in the classroom, and this allows a brand to market themselves seamlessly to their desired audience. In the home, a pencil case may be kept at an art station, table top, or home desk area, and these are common products on display in personal spaces as well. Those in the industry of children’s goods, fashion, or office supply can effectively use pencil cases to promote their brand to their desired demographic. Pencil cases are not solely children’s items, however, and these may be used by adults in an office setting as well. There are many types of professionals who may use pencils during their daily tasks, and a pencil case displayed on top of a work desk can help to promote a brand to an adult audience.

    Pencil Case Manufacture & Branding

    A pencil case may be made of plastic, cotton, canvas, neoprene, woven nylon, or faux leather, and the variety of manufacture materials used to create these items allows them to be used in a multitude of different settings. Cotton, canvas, and plastic options are ideal for children’s use, while faux leather and neoprene may be more suitable for adults, providing a way or all marketing wants to be satisfied using a single usable item. Screen printing is the most often used method of branding on pencil cases, and the print area on these items is located on the side of the case for maximum visibility while the product is resting or in use. Screen printing gives a brand the opportunity to use a full colour logo or design on the pencil case of their choice, making these branded items easy to read while on display.

    Pencil Case Marketing Study

    A children’s clothing store included a branded pencil case with orders over a certain amount as part of their back to school promotion. When a customer placed an order online, the pencil case would be included with their package, and this promotion quickly started drawing customers to the store for their back to school shopping needs. The deal was found to be so popular that the brand ran out of pencil cases halfway through the promotion and had to have another batch made in order to comply with demand.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Pencil cases are small and very easy to package, allowing these items to be just as conveniently shipped as hand distributed.

    Pencil Cases
    Minimal Price: $2.25