Pencils Custom Logo Branded


Long before there were pens there were pencils. Large deposits of graphite discovered in the U.K. were originally used for marking sheep and livestock soon after it was realised that by putting graphite inside a wooden casing, the resultant product could be used to mark paper or other organic materials. The pencil was born and despite a range of technical improvements in recent years and a move toward digital data transfer, the humble pencil still has a place in the writing instruments world. If only to correct errors a pencil has distinct advantages over a pen. It's often asked why the Australian Electoral Commission supplies pencils on polling days; unlike ink a pencil will never dry out, can be resharpened and used for years and leaves no mess.

    Using Pencils in Marketing & Promotions

    The range of promotional pencils available extends from rectangular carpenters pencils which offer a substantial branding area through to slimline half pencils which could be used for golf day or as one off disposables. Whether they're cheap pencils or more exotic styles complete with full branding, they're something here to complement the rest of your writing instrument inventory. To find out what pencil styles will suit your next promotional activity FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 to speak with a consultant.

    Pencils Have Broad Appeal

    Audiences of all ages and professions can appreciate a pencil, and these are products that can be branded to market for a wide array of different industries. Those in carpentry workrooms to those in the classroom can make use of a sturdy pencil in their daily tasks, and when branding is placed on these items, it is sure to be seen frequently as the objects are used. Pencils are highly affordable products, and all types and models are available to those with any budget. Small businesses looking to make an impact on their community may even use large numbers of branded pencils to reach audiences as wide as they can imagine, and these make effective stand-alone gifts as well as pieces in a larger promotional gift package.

    Pencils may even be used as branded products on display for convenience, such as those set out beside a sign up table or information booth. When visitors come by the area to provide personal information to learn more about a brand, or sign up for a program, they can use a branded pencil to further place the company into their conscious in a positive way that associates the brand with caring and convenience.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Pencils are manufactured using several different types of wood, and some pencils may even be coated with paint or a high gloss paper to provide an extra style element. The point of the pencils that allow the pieces to write properly on paper is made from graphite, and when sharpened, these are built to remain sharp and ideal for any type of desired use. Ecologically friendly pencils made from bamboo or recycled materials may also be branded, and these options are ideal for those who wish to spread an environmentally conscious message. The branding area on a promotional pencil will typically rest down the barrel of the piece, and this print region is chosen for its optimal visibility.

    Pad printing and full colour digital printing are the two most common print methods with branded pencils, and both options offer the ability to design eye-catching brand images in a full range of colours. The specific type of branding method best for a promotional pencil will depend on the chosen method of construction. Pencils made entirely from wood will often bear a pad print, while pencils that have on them a paper wrap may be full colour digitally printed.

    Promotional Case Study

    A supply brand with a booth at a local education expo offered branded pencils to guests who stopped by to learn more about the goods they provide. These pencils could be seen easily around the event as recipients walked around with their gifts, and this wound up drawing greater crowds to the booth as the day lead on.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Branded pencils can be shipped conveniently to recipients in distant locations, but if a greater personal connection goal is looking to be met, distributing these pieces by hand to desired recipients is often more effective.

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