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A large part of the art of using personal promotional gifts correctly as part of your marketing mix is using them to create a connection between individuals. While general advertising activity is able to create awareness and in some cases elicit enquiry from the general public personal promotional products are an ideal way to deepen and enhance relationships between companies, suppliers and business associates. Giving one of your contacts a thoughtful gift which they will find useful and use regularly is a great way to show you understand and care while leaving a long-term reminder of your contact details and availability should the need arise to make contact

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    Using Personal Promotional Products in Marketing & Promotions

    To learn more about the off the shelf personal gifts and product ideas which can be produced and shipped anywhere in Australia give a Fresh Promotions personal promotional products consultants a call on 1800 129 999 to get a complete rundown on the best way to use this class of merchandise successfully.

    Why Use Personal Products In Marketing?

    People use a vast array of personal products every day, and putting a brand’s image onto these important little luxuries can allow a brand to stay in the forefront of a person’s mind. Personal products such as dental floss, nail clippers, hair brushes, and cold packs make regular appearances in the everyday lives of many different individuals all around the globe, and as a person reaches for their product of choice, the branding on that product can be what they notice each time.

    Personal products can range from the quirky to the useful and from the affordable to the executive, giving a brand a great deal of options when it comes to promoting with these items. For wide range distribution, an affordable and useful product may be desired, and something more sophisticated may be wanted for a gift with a personal touch; personal products help to provide all of these things with one category of useful and marketable goods. Those in healthcare to those in beauty can all appreciate the use of personal products in marketing, as their audience will use these items regularly throughout their lives. A dental office may wish to distribute branded dental floss to patients, while a salon could benefit from promotional hair brushes, giving any type of brand a way to allow themselves into the minds of the consumer appropriately.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Plastic, metal, rubber, glass, or a variety of clothes may be used to manufacture these personal goods, and the type of products chosen will determine the materials used in them. Personal products include goods like toothbrushes to luxury items like candles and bathrobes, and such varied products will cover a wide range of different materials and manufacturing processes. For cloth or fabric items such as bathrobes, towels, or bibs, embroidery may be used to place branding on a desired item. Embroidery uses stitching to stitch a logo or brand name directly into the fabric of the item, to allow the branding to remain on visible for the product’s lifespan in a sleek and presentable way.

    If the item is made from metal, laser engraving may be the method used to apply branding, and this uses a laser to engrave the brand’s message directly into the metal surface of the product itself. For products made of rubber, plastic, silicone, or glass, either pad printing, screen printing, or full colour digital printing will place branding onto each item, and these methods allow branding to live on in full vivid colour. For pad printing, typically a single colour may be chosen, however digital printing and screen printing will often allow for any number of shades.

    Promotional Case Study

    For Valentine’s Day, a spa decided to gift branded his and hers robes to couples who came in to get a couples stress relief massage. After promoting the deal for the weeks leading up to the holiday, the spa was shocked when they were booked solid for not only the day, but for the entire weekend they were set to run the promotion.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Smaller personal product items may be able to be shipped conveniently and affordably, but larger items may be most efficiently distributed personally by hand to save on shipping costs.

    Personal Products
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