Promotional Pet Products Custom Branded


Eight out of ten Australian households have a pet so it makes sense that pet accessories are a great way to get your message and logo into the family home. the care and attention which is lavished on family pets is well know and showing your care and concern by providing a branded pet product to a pet owner is sure to make a personal connect which goes far beyond a normal business promotion. You don't have to be in the pet food business to take advantage of promotional pet accessories. In this wide sunburnt land with plenty of room to run, a collar or leash or a pet bowl will be in constant use and will not only be noticed by the owner but by others who stop to pet or play with fido or moggy who will become an ambassador for your brand. to learn more about the extensive range of custom branded pet products speak to your personal handler at Fresh Promotions and learn more about the great value range of promotional pet gifts.

    Using Pet Accessories & Products in Marketing & Promotions

    The average pet owner will treat their pet like a member of the family, and pet goods have been consistently one of the most profitable industries in recent years. Pet accessories are items that many pet owners cannot have enough of and enjoy using with their pets or to make their own lives easier, making these items ideal choices when looking for a branded promotional product. Pet accessories may vary from leashes and bowls to pet food clips or waste bag holders, and each one of these items provides some element of much needed convenience to pet owners of all types.

    When a branded item has many uses, or can be used many times, a recipient will be exposed to a company’s message each time they reach to use their branded product. In terms of marketing, this places the name of the brand into the mind of the consumer frequently, thereby keeping their message always fresh in their thoughts. Whether a pet accessory can be used during a walk, playtime, or feeding, it will be seen and used frequently throughout the course of a recipient’s day. Those in the pet care or food industries can best appreciate these products as these brands will most often have target consumer audiences of pet owners who they wish to reach.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Pet travel and treat bowls, leashes, dog coats, pet shaped keyrings, waste bag holders, and even pet pedometers are able to be branded to provide a promotional gift perfectly suited to owners of any type of pet. Different types of products use different materials and manufacture methods to ensure the very best quality, and branding may be placed on central and visible location on the items to provide maximum marketing potential.

    Plastic, metal, woven nylon materials, or wool may be used to create assorted pet accessories, and these highly durable materials are safe for pet use and sturdy enough to last. Leashes, dog travel bowls, treat bags, and collars will often be made of woven nylon or similar fabrics, and these are branded using screen printing. Screen printing applies branding in a wide range of colours to create eye-catching promotional images. Eco friendly dog collars and leashes can be branded to promote a brand who wants to spread a green message. These pet accessories are made from either recycled or responsibly harvested materials, and they may be branded using full colour screen printing.

    Promotional Case Study

    An animal rescue shelter hosting a fundraiser offered branded pet accessories and gift baskets to those wanting to make a donation to their cause. The branded accessories were very well received, and their fundraiser wound up raising significantly more money than they had expected using the promotional items. The rescue shelter then decided that all of their future fundraisers would offer branded pet accessories to give attendees an incentive to support their cause.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Many pet accessories are small, and these may be shipped easily to recipients without breaking a marketing budget. For larger or bulkier items, however, hand distribution may be more effective due to shipping costs.

    Pet Accessories
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