Promotional Mobile Phone Stands Printed & Personalised


These days more and more of our lives and communication is flowing through the ever expanding wireless communications networks. It's not uncommon to see at least one mobile phone on a desk along with a computer, a landline and a tablet or laptop computer. The promotional mobile phone stands are all available with custom printing and in some cases custom base colours and in every case they will assist you in securing advertising space on the most valuable territory available - a prospective client's desk. From ultra cheap plastic phone stands which sell a short-term message all the way through to better quality metal models which will take pride of place on even the most discerning CEO's desk, the range of custom phone stands on offer here has something to offer everyone in the world's of business and marketing and therefore get a percentage of their attention and focus

    Using Mobile Phone Stands in Marketing & Promotions

    A phone stand gives a person a way to comfortably hold or store their mobile device while not in active use, and as mobile phones grow larger in size, these stands are becoming more sought after. A phone stand is often placed in an open and visible location to keep the phone close at hand to the user, and this also makes them excellent pieces to place branding upon when looking to get noticed.

    Phone stands are created solely to provide convenience, and it is because of this convenience that they are regularly used by mobile phone owners all over the globe. When placing branding on a product, it is important that the product has a certain usability factor to ensure it catches attention, and this is one thing that phone stands are made to provide. A phone stand can be branded and used by several different industries effectively for marketing purposes. Typically, these products are best appreciated by those in the tech or mobile phone industries, as they are able to easily reach audiences who already have a passion for phones and other types of personal devices, however those in the business of selling office supplies or in corporate offices may appreciate branded phone stands as well.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Phone stands can be made from metals, rubber, plastics, and a vast array of other materials depending on a brand’s budget or wanted design. Phone stands of ecologically friendly bamboo or recycled materials can also be branded for companies who pride themselves on spreading an environmentally sustainable message.

    Metal phone stands can be branded by either a laser engraving of a design or a pad printing, and both options give a brand a way to display their logo visibly on a well-made item. Environmentally friendly bamboo phone stands can be branded in the same ways as those of the metal varieties, creating a sleek and professional looking product. Suction cup phone stands are an affordable phone stand choice, and these are typically made from plastics or other similar synthetic materials. These phone stands work by suctioning to the back of the phone with a safe to use suction cup, and the cup is attached to a branded stand used to hold the phone safely in a standing position either horizontally or vertically. The branding on these stands is placed on each piece using a vivid colour pad printing method.

    Phone Stand Promotional Case Study

    A mobile phone manufacturer decided to include a branded mobile phone stand with the purchase of one of their newest models of devices. Not only were these phone stands branded with the company logo, but they were designed to perfectly fit their newest version of mobile phone. After the complimentary stand promotion had ended, the brand started receiving inquiries from customers wondering if they would be receiving a stand with their new phone, and the brand decided to reinstate the promotion due to the excitement it was able to create.

    Shipping & Distribution

    The convenience and cost of shipping phone stands will depend on the shape and weight of the desired style of stand. Hand distribution has been found to be the most effective method in terms of marketing, particularly when the stand is given as a gift with purchase.

    Phone Stands
    Minimal Price: $1.95