Promotional Photo Frames & Picture Frames Custom Branded


The range of promotional photo frames shown below includes everything you'd need for the home or office and are naturally an excellent way to connect with business contacts and prospects. Even in this electronic age when a traditional image is something defined by pixels not the size of the paper on which it's printed, a promotional picture frame with personalised printing or engraving can bring back the personal which is an indefinable element of all promotional gifting. Supplied with an image which means something in terms of your overall marketing message or simply as a souvenir of a golf day or sponsored event promotional photo frames are an ideal accessory to any printed image which have a life beyond message delivery.

    Using Photo Frames & Picture Frames in Marketing & Promotions

    Either on a desk or a shelf or attached to the wall photo frames are a way to remember events and good times. Even in these days when digital images are the main focus of photographers and designers there is nothing which compares with the solid reality of a hard copy of an image. Installing it in a promotional frame is a great way to have it noticed and impress upon others the significance of the image.

    Why Use Promotional Photo Frames In Marketing?

    Photo frames are products that are made for noticeable display, and as observers notice the photos held in these frames, they can also notice a brand logo or design if the products are customised for promotion. Promotional photo frames may be used in the home or in the office, and these items are those that are made with the sole purpose of being noticed, making them excellent pieces to use in marketing.

    All types of people use photo frames for a variety of different reasons, and they can be found adorning desks and walls all around the globe. Because these are products which are universally appealing, they can be appreciated in their promotional use by brands of a variety of different industries. A retail store could offer a branded photo frame with the purchase of other housewares items, or a corporate office could offer photo frames to employees to allow them to personalise their desk spaces; the uses and possibilities for photo frames are limitless in terms of potential recipients and appropriate branded use. Photo frames are not limited to showcasing photos, either, and certificates or sentimental piece could be held in these frames as well to create a very personal display piece. As friends, co-workers, or other relations admire these achievement pieces, the branding placed on the frame will remain centrally located and conveniently noticeable.

    Picture Frame Manufacture & Branding

    Two types of photo frames are available with digital photo frames and traditional photo frames. While traditional photo frames are a more affordable option, the high tech construction and function of digital photo frames gives them the ability to be exceptionally attention grabbing. These photo frames are manufactured using durable plastic materials and a high resolution LCD screen to display multiple photographs in a slideshow like fashion. Branding is often placed just below or just above the screen to draw the eye, and this is done using a single colour pad printing method.

    Traditional photo frames hold one photo or document, and these can be made from many different materials depending on a brand’s specific budget. Brushed stainless steel or other metal materials are often the most used materials in higher end traditional photo frames, and laser engraving or pad printing may be used to adorn the frame with desired branding. A more affordable option may be a clear acrylic or plastic photo frame, and branding is placed on these pieces using pad printing to allow the brand to remain noticeable.

    Photo & Picture Frame Case Study

    A newly opened car dealership decided to gift branded photo frames to their sales team when members made their first sale. Inside of the photo frames was a copy of their first sales receipt, which they could display on their desks or in their homes. Sales team members not only appreciated the gesture, but it caused new team members to feel more excited about making their first sale, wanting to become part of the successful salesmen’s group.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Traditional photo frames may be shipped safely and affordably across vast distances. Digital photo frames, however, are most commonly hand distributed due to their higher value and more delicate construction.

    Photo Frames
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