Promotional Picnic Sets Custom Logo Printed


Your company logo will never look better than it does on our promotional picnic sets and it will never have as much fun. Choose to make sure that you get all of the best promotions for your money, no matter what you need. Our picnic products come in a variety of colours and styles which allow you to brand the right item to be sure it carries your company message in the way intended. Great for promotions, and employee appreciation gifts a custom picnic set is a promise of fun times ahead. A product like a promotional picnic backpack which crosses-over from the business to private world is a great way to draw values and emotional attention from each. A picnic set is something everyone might have no matter how infrequent its use may be. The fact that it's there and could be used a moment's notice is a great way to create hope and excitement in the heart of a client.

    Using Picnic Sets in Marketing & Promotions

    People Love Picnic Sets

    Business from corporate offices to those in the business of sporting goods can equally appreciate picnic sets, and these are products which can appeal to many different individuals. A picnic set is used to allow a recipient to enjoy a picnic anywhere, with all of the tools and utensils they may need, including a convenient carrying bag, giving these products a frequent reason to travel. As a branded picnic set travels, not only will other picnickers notice the branding located on the items, but any passersby will as well, giving a brand an excellent opportunity to provide a high quality product which can market their company effortlessly.

    Picnic sets are often carried in a bag or carrying case with branding placed on the front of the product, allowing a company’s name or logo to remain visible during all points in the process. As a recipient readies the bag for use the brand will be noticed and as they travel with the set to their desired location, the branding will be noticed, and while it’s being used the brand will remain noticed, giving these sets the ability to keep branding in the forefront during all points in the picnicking process.

    Picnic Set Manufacture & Branding

    With various picnic sets to choose from, one has the ability to pick just which price points and included materials would best suit their brand and their recipient’s needs. Waterproof woven nylon materials are most commonly used in the manufacture of the bags holding the sets, and this material provides safety from leaks and any unwanted moisture that may come from rain or wet ground.

    For an executive picnic set option, those that come with stainless steel drink and tableware are the most sophisticated choices which are able to withstand many years of heavy wear. Thermo bags may also be available with these sets to allow hot picnic foods to remain fresh while travelling from home to a desired picnicking location. If an inexpensive picnic set is required, well-made picnic sets containing cutlery, cups, and plates of sturdy plastic are affordable and functional options. The bags included with these sets may also have thermo or cooler features that keep the foods fresh inside of the set during the time between preparation and consumption. Branding is often placed on the front of the bag included in each set, and this keeps it on display at all times during picnicking. Embroidery, screen printing, or pad printing are just some of the methods which may be used to place branding on different styles of sets.

    Picnic Set Case Study

    A company hosting an outdoor summer picnic gave employees each a branded picnic set to enjoy at the event as well as during their personal lives. Employees loved the usefulness of the sets, and many continued to use the sets regularly during nice days for many years after.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Picnic sets are often bulky, and this is due to the myriad of items held inside. Due to this, many find it is more efficient and affordable to distribute these pieces by hand rather than through shipping.

    Picnic Sets
    Minimal Price: $7.15