Promotional Pill Boxes & Cases Custom Printed


The range of promotional bill boxes are perfect for the health conscious through to the elderly and professional medical services groups. A safe an effective way to manage dosage and availability of medicines and supplements the range of pill case styles covers every configuration from the pocket and purse to large weekly dosage managers. Available in a variety of colours, configurations and sizes the wide personalised and printed pill boxes and medicine dispensers which can be supplied with custom logo printing or in the case of large volume orders, manufactured to suit you PMS colours and corporate identity.

    Using Pill Boxes in Marketing & Promotions

    For more information on the wide range of custom made pill boxes and branded medicine boxes, call to speak with one of Fresh Promotion's expert consultants and get the full rundown on pill box availability and branding.

    For those who take regular vitamins or medications, keeping pills safe is important. Pill cases allow a person the ability to keep all of their various medicines safe and organised for daily or occasional use, and these are items that are able to get a brand a great deal of exposure when branded. Pill boxes will often be used by all types of individuals to keep pills safe while travelling, and these trips can take them around the globe or simply into the office. The branding placed on the pill box will be visible to those who they share a space with during any of these times, allowing a company to get their name into the minds of the public using one affordable item.

    Branded pill boxes can be used by a variety of different industries, but they are often best appreciated by those in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, or health food markets. The audiences that these brands will want to reach are those who take different medications or vitamins regularly, and pill boxes give them a promotional gift option to suit the needs of this specific demographic. Pill boxes are also an affordable promotional product option, giving brands a way to get maximum visibility and exposure for only a minimum price.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding

    Pill boxes are typically made of plastic, and they can be designed to take any shape or hold any number of designated slots or compartments for different pills. For those in healthcare, 7 day pill boxes are a very popular option that gives recipients a way to keep track of all of their daily medications. These pill boxes are made with 7 different closable and labelled slots in order to store each day’s pills conveniently.

    Specially shaped pill boxes, like those which may take the shape of a heart or capsule, are also able to be branded to create an item with a little bit of creative flair. For optimal convenience, a pill box on a keychain can give a recipient a way to keep their pills on their person in a location where they are less like to lose track. A pad printing method is used to place branding on each promotional pill box, and this allows a brand to place a one colour print directly onto the plastic of the box itself.

    Promotional Usage Case Study

    After overhearing customers’ concern about mistaking or losing their pills, a pharmacy decided to give out branded pill boxes with certain prescriptions. These pill boxes soon became a big hit with customers, and due to their referrals, many local members of the community began switching from other pharmacies to the one that would include a pill box with their medications.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Pill boxes are typically small, and the materials used to make them are exceptionally light weight, allowing these to be items that can be shipped easily and affordably should a brand choose this distribution method. For the presentation with the most impact, hand distribution is often desired to send a caring message to recipients.

    Pill Boxes
    Minimal Price: $2.00