Cheap Promotional Keyrings Custom Printed

There's no question about the general utility and appeal promotional keyrings bring to the table, but successful marketing is as much a matter of budget management as anything. Using plastic keyrings is one way canny marketers have found they can extend campaign and message reach while still engaging with untapped market segments. You've seen the traditional acrylic window keyrings used by motor service organisations, car dealers and motels, not only do they provide double sided colour branding but they're cheap! It goes to show that thinking and planning and looking at new options is as much a part of the marketing process as more traditional message delivery means.

    Using Plastic Keyrings In Marketing & Promotions

    Plastic keyrings can be custom manufactured to your requirements or you can simply choose from one of the industry specific shapes available off the shelf. There are thousands of plastic keyring styles available, far too many to show here. If you're after something specific or are looking for an idea that will engage consumers in your industry, FreeCall 1800 129 999 to speak with a Fresh Promotions consultant.

    Why Plastic Keyrings Make Financial Sense

    Plastic keyrings are some of the most affordable keyrings, and these can be made into a variety of different shapes or even showcase different features. In terms of marketing, when a brand places their name or logo onto a plastic keyring, they will be able to get the exposure they desire for a price they can afford, as these are pieces made to stick out when placed on any set of keys.

    The purpose of a keyring is to help to keep keys findable, and all types of individuals will use one of these products for the convenience it provides. Because keyrings have such a wide audience, and a useful purpose, these are items that may be branded by any type of company in order to spread word appropriately. Keyrings of specific shapes and functions relative to different industries may even be branded in order to remind recipients of just what business a company may be in. A plastic keyring in the shape of a home could be used to promote a real estate agency, or a floating keyring could be used to market a fishing goods brand, and any type of business can find a model that best suits their specific need. Because plastic keyrings are so affordable, these may even be used as items in a larger promotional gift package.

    Custom ManufactureOptions

    Plastic keyrings will be made primarily of various plastic materials; however other materials may adorn the keyring should it feature a special function or have a specialised design. The ring portion of the plastic keyring may be made from any number of metals, and the manufacture materials used in this portion are chosen for long lasting durability.

    Both hard plastic materials, such as acrylic, and soft plastic materials, like silicone rubber, may be picked from in order to create the perfect promotional piece. Both options are able to withstand years of use, and they are able to create a noticeable backdrop for any desired branding. Pad printing and screen printing are the two most commonly used printing methods to adorn the keyring of a brand’s choice with a logo or company name, and both of these methods allow designs to be transferred in colour. The print area on these pieces is typically located on the front side of the item to allow for easy visibility, and the colours that these print methods are able to achieve allow for just the right amount of attention.

    Marketing Case Study

    A real estate agency handed out branded plastic keyrings in the shape of a home at a local community appreciation event. Attendees flocked to the agency’s table and collected their keyrings, with quite a few using the number on the keyrings the following week to call and inquire about real estate in the area available for rent or sale.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Plastic keyrings are exceptionally light, and these promotional items may be hand distributed or shipped vast distances in order to reach recipients conveniently and affordably.

    Plastic Keyrings
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