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Moulded plastic pens printed with logo are one of the all time classic promotional items. Available in hundreds of styles and colours promotional plastic pens are almost unbeatable when it comes to providing a useful personal gift without blowing the budget. The great majority of plastic pen styles available have ballpoint refills and while standard ink colour is black, blue ink is available for some models upon request. Pad printed with a logo it's often possible to improve the appearance of a plastic pen by the correct application of branding.

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    Using Plastic Pens in Marketing & Promotions

    From models starting at around twenty cents through to exclusive custom designed plastic pens for your use alone, the galaxy of styles available includes something than can distinguish your brand and become as much a part of your trademark as traditional logos and slogans. The products shown are only a small proportion of the total promotional plastic pen range available. If you're after a particular style FreeCall Fresh Promotions 1800 129 999 and speak with a pens consultant.

    Plastic is a classic material option for a sturdy pen, and this variety of pen is often the most affordable. Plastic pens are promotional items within reach to companies or brands of any size, and wide distribution can be achieved without the worry of breaking a marketing budget. Brands of all types who may be involved in any industry can appreciate the use of a plastic pen in marketing, as these are products widely used by vast demographics of individuals.

    When crafting a promotional gift package, a plastic pen can make a perfect addition to round out the piece. Paired with other promotional office or classroom supplies, the pen can be the travel worthy item sure to get a brand seen as a person uses the product while completing their daily tasks. Because a plastic pen can travel well in a pocket or handbag, these are items that people will often keep on hand should they need to write anything down throughout the course of their day, and it can be a particular company’s branding that is noticed by all each time the pen is used. Plastic pens will often have long lives and see many years of use, and some models are even re-fillable to allow them to live even longer. By using a promotional item with a long lifespan, such as a plastic pen, a brand can achieve large levels of exposure through marketing with only one affordable item.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Plastic pens can be made from several different type of plastic, and some varieties may even have finishes to give them the look of brushed aluminium or steel. Often, a plastic pen will have a rubber grip piece near the point end of the product to allow them to be held comfortably by their users. Twist mechanisms, click mechanisms, and caps may also be featured on a plastic pen, and these help to keep the pen tips safe while not in use. When the pen is being carried in a pocket or handbag, one will not have to worry about the pen breaking or leaking ink on their other belongings when the point is kept protected.

    Pad printing is used to place brand images onto plastic pens, and this method allows a brand to choose a single or multi coloured print to display their design. Printing will place a logo onto the print area of each piece, and this is commonly located down the long barrel of the pen’s body.

    Promotional Case Study

    A bank provided plastic pens to customers who came in to do their banking as part of their customer appreciation week. The branded pens were made to look like brushed aluminium and they bore the bank’s logo down the side for optimal visibility. These pens were very popular with those stopping in to the bank, and many carried them on their person for many months after being received as they could be seen at the bank in customer hands frequently while filling out slips or signing cheques.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Plastic pens can be easily carried around an event for hand distribution, placed in boxes or on tables for free taking, or shipped to desired recipients.

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