Plastic Water Bottles & Sports Bottles Custom Printed


These days everybody is aware of the need to stay hydrated. Plastic water bottles and sports bottles combine the basic utility of a carrier of refreshing liquid with prominent branding area. You can have your logo and details printed in two positions on the majority of bottles, allowing contact details like phone number web address to sit alongside your logo and message without design conflict. One of the best value branding platforms available, cheap printed drink bottles are a proven marketing winner with sports sponsorships, schools, the gym and even in the office as a way to get the staff motivated and focused on an in-house exercise program.

    Using Plastic Water Bottles in Marketing & Promotions

    Not only for use at sporting events and sponsorships, custom printed plastic drink bottles help you spread the message to those in your local community. From clear acrylic styles to BPA free models the entire range meets Australian health standards and offers large scale, effective branding on a promotional item which has stood the test of time.The extensive branding area on most models makes them an ideal way to get the biggest bang for your buck available. FreeCall Fresh Promotions now on 1800 129 999 to speak with a consultant about the style of bottle which will deliver your company the greatest benefit.

    Guide to Using Plastic Sports Bottles to Build Brand Awareness

    For an affordable and portable promotional product option, plastic bottles can really provide a brand with an ideal level of exposure. These products are inexpensive enough to allow a brand to distribute to wide audience or exclusive recipients without breaking their budget, and when these bottles are carried by their owners, the branding placed on the items will be in a central location for all to see. Brands of all types can market using a plastic water bottle, and this is due to how appealing these products are to wide audiences of people. Recipients of all ages and genders can appreciate having a sturdy plastic water bottle to use while on the go, and when these items are branded, the brand can come along wherever they may be taken.

    For a sporting goods company, a branded plastic bottle can be included with the purchase of a bicycle or gym equipment, or a health care brand can distribute these promotional pieces to attendees at a health seminar; no matter the use, branded plastic bottles are always appropriate and well received products. The average branded plastic water bottle is also easy to clean, and this allows recipients to use them time and time again for all of their favourite beverages.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Plastic bottles will typically be made from various hard plastic materials, and even acrylics may be used in particularly sturdy models. These promotional products can be manufactured into a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colours, and some styles even come with special feature such as straws or clips to allow them to be easy to carry on a belt loop or handbag strap. High end plastic bottles may also utilise insulation technology to help to keep the beverages inside cold even during use on the hottest summer days.

    Either pad printing or screen printing is used to apply brand images to plastic bottles, and the print method chosen will depend on the particular model and its specific manufacture materials. Both options allow a brand to represent themselves in a full range of colours on each piece, and the branding is designed to last for the entire duration of the bottle’s life. The print area is where the branding will be applied, and this region is typically on the front facing side of a branded plastic bottle. By putting the branding in this location, a company will be able to remain visible on the product whether the product is in use, being carried, or resting on a surface.

    Promotional Case Study

    A hospital hosting a healthcare seminar on the dangers of heat gave out branded plastic bottles to all attendees who showed up to the event. The plastic bottles were appreciated by recipients after learning how dangerous dehydration can be, and they could often be seen being used around the area during the warmer months to come.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Plastic bottles are exceptionally lightweight, however they can be difficult to pack, causing them to not always have the ability to be conveniently shipped. With these products, hand distribution is often recommended for maximum effect.

    Plastic Bottles
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