Promotional Polo Shirts Custom Embroidered & Printed


Brand your company with promotional polo shirts and at the same time you provide a valuable service to your staff. The standard company uniform for many people across Australia is an embroidered polo shirt with the company details on the breast, supported by the colour scheme of the garment. Printed and branded the polo style has a number of advantages for any organisation from simply and effectively clothing the staff through to supporting your sponsorships and outside supporters. If you want to cloth your business family in a uniform which tells other who they are while staying cool and refreshed in the Australian climate it's difficult to go past the all round advantages of a promotional polo shirt.

    Using Polo Shirts in Marketing & Promotions

    Using Polo Shirts in Personal Marketing

    A polo shirt makes a great gift with purchase at a retail location, sports club, or a gym, but they may also be used as a part of a company uniform or a personal gift given to employees by a company or particular employer.

    Materials & Branding

    Promotional polo shirts can be made from many different materials. For a premium option, cotton polo shirts are cooling and comfortable to wear during any type off weather, and for budget friendly polo shirts, poly-cotton options are inexpensive, easy to clean and iron, and they are as durable as any other material choice. Aside from cotton and poly-cotton, moisture wicking technical fabrics and high visibility fabrics are also an option. There are 2 artwork options available for promotional polo shirts with either embroidery, which is excellent for personalising individual shirts, or a screen printing process that allows a brand to take centre stage in terms of visibility.

    A promotional polo shirt may be used in many different ways when personal marketing is concerned. They may be given as a personal gift to members of a staff by their employer, they could be provided as part of a sports team’s uniform, or a promotional polo shirt could be used as a professional looking uniform piece for staff members to wear while attending a conference or company event. A promotional polo shirt can be appreciated by an unlimited number of industries, from corporate offices to sports clubs, as their versatility of use allows any recipient to wear them appropriately.

    Polo Shirts Custom Manufacture

    Custom fabric patterns and colours are available to allow these polo shirts to suit any particular brand, although when the focus is to be primarily on branding an off the shelf option is recommended.

    Case Study

    One manufacturer of sports accessories marketed towards children and young people decided to create a fashion line dedicated to their brand and logo with polo shirts, and this began with a promotion of 1 free polo shirt to go to all customers who purchased one of their new skateboard decks. These shirts rose in popularity to the point that they were just as much associated with the brand as their main products, and this lead to all retail locations carrying a line of the shirts for sale.

    Promotional Polo Shirts Shipping & Distribution

    Having a limited stock on hand is recommended, to ensure that sizing requirements are met. It is best to hand these shirts out in person so that recipients may choose their desired size, and a certain level of presentation is kept to allow lucky recipients to feel good about receiving their shirt.

    Polo Shirts
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