Printed Lanyards Custom Branded With Your Design


As much a way to organise ID and office essentials as they are a mark of team membership and identity, printed promotional lanyards are a common sight round the necks of office workers and security staff. You can spot a fellow worker or employee from the other side of the street based on the lanyard colour and the custom print which carries your branding. With hundreds of styles and configurations available every company can have it's own standout combination of print and substrate which is recognisably theirs alone. For conferences, trades hows and events a custom printed lanyard is a must have item and the range available here covers all requirements.

    Using Printed Lanyards In Marketing

    Made from poly cotton, polyester, nylon or renewable natural fabrics there is an option which will highlight the strengths and preferred image of your organisation. Traditionally lanyards have been step printed with a logo, that is a common artwork image repeated along the length of each item. This is an effective and cheap way to present branding, however woven lanyards with your message built into the material itself or customised printing of more complex and detailed patterns is also available on request. If you're up to your neck with problems and need some help in searching through the multitude of printed lanyard options FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 to speak with a consultant.

    A printed lanyard may be used to bring attention to a brand by giving these pieces to customers and potential clients, or handing them out to employees as a way to show easy identification. A printed lanyard is able to market a brand by displaying the company’s name or logo along the entire length of the lanyard cord, and the way these pieces rest around the neck and down the chest, the branding placed on the lanyard is always in a highly visible location.

    As a customer or client gift, branded lanyards can be given out at grand opening events, conferences, trade shows, or as a promotional gift with purchase, and these are items that recipients of all types can use in their everyday lives. The most common personal use for promotional lanyards is as key holders, and this will often mean the pieces will travel along with recipients and expose a brand to various different audiences of people.

    In an office setting, a promotional printed lanyard can be used to hold an ID card for either security clearance purposes or as a means of easy identification. Many professionals in a variety of fields will need to carry identification with them while in the office, a retail location, or on a sales trip, and a printed lanyard allows them to hold their identification conveniently using an item that shows pride in their brand.

    Printed Lanyard Manufacture

    Printed lanyards are manufactured using a vast array of different affordable materials such as nylon, recycled plastics, reflective strips, or canvas, and this allows them to have low prices and high levels of reliability. The clip that holds keys or an ID card to the end of the lanyard will typically be made from either metal or plastic, with both options having the ability to hold items to the piece securely.

    Logo application is done by screen printing a brand’s desired logo or name imagery onto the print area of the lanyard, and this screen printing process allows the branding to not only stick out on the item, but last for the entire duration of its life.

    The print area which is reserved for branding is located down the entire length of the chosen piece, and this provides a way for branding to be seen from all angles and during all types of use, whether personal or professional.

    Printed Lanyard Case Study

    A local university began giving students printed lanyards to use to keep their school ID cards handy, and these products were often used to hold car keys and other materials as well. During the first month of this practice, these lanyards could be seen all around town, and the school even started a fun and interactive “Show Your Pride!” program where students could upload pictures of themselves wearing the branded lanyards in exotic or local locations to be displayed onto the university bulletin board website.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Both hand distribution and distribution by shipping are easy with printed lanyards as these are light products able to be conveniently packed or carried.

    Printed Lanyards
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