Lapel Pins Custom Printed


Printed lapel pins are an economical option which permit fine detail to be reproduced cheaply. The printing system used in the production of printed lapel pins ensures that accurate reproduction of colour can be achieved, along with the finest detail in a logo or product image. Offset printed lapel pins can also be enhanced by adding a resin dome finish to your lapel pin design. Adding the dome gives the pins dimension and brings a design forward. Resin can be applied like a lacquer so it merely presents a clear, high gloss finish or it can be applied to form a clear curved dome or indeed any shape that suits your design. Ask about how you can get the most out of printed lapel pins when you speak with one of our promotional consultants. FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 for more information on your printed message appearing on a pin.

    Using Printed Lapel Pins in Marketing & promotions

    Printed lapel pins may be designed in any number of ways, and this gives them the ability to appropriately and effectively market for any type of brand. Printed lapel pins use a combination of metal and coloured materials in order to create a desired brand design, and the options are endless in terms of just how these may be created to represent a brand. With creativity left open in terms of design, brands may represent themselves however they would like on a printed lapel pin, and this gives the company options when it comes to just how these may promote their brand and who the best recipient markets may be made up of.

    Those in education, entertainment, hospitality, sports, or a vast array of different industries may design their own lapel pin to be used in bringing attention to their brand, and recipients of both genders and nearly any age can find use for these items. The printed lapel pin will often be placed on a recipient’s jacket, hat, or other highly visible clothing item, allowing the brand’s creative design to catch the eyes of all who may pass by or encounter the products.

    Printed Lapel Pin Manufacture

    Printed lapel pins will traditionally have a strong metal base, such as brass or steel, with a digital print or enamel artwork adorning the face and making up a company’s chosen design. With a printed lapel pin, a brand is able to turn their imaginative creation into a wearable accessory as these products are often completely custom made. Resin will often be applied to the surface of printed lapel pins, and this gives these products a smooth and professional looking finish that takes away any undesired textures that may come along with different print methods. If a texture is appreciated, this resin does not need to go onto the surface of the pin, and a textured option may be used.

    Full colour digital printing, laser engraving, custom moulding, or photo etching may be used to take a design and turn it into a lapel pin, and many of these options are available simultaneously for various items. For a corporate printed lapel pin option, laser engraving is typically the most refined branding choice, and this can create a look that goes well with any suit or chosen professional attire.

    Printed Lapel Pin Case Study

    In order to raise funds and awareness for an art program, a local school had a contest to design a pin to be sold to parents and teachers at an upcoming fundraising event. Students in the school got excited about the prospect of their design being sold, and they soon began working on their own creations. This contest wound up generating so much excitement that the program’s participants grew by 25% and the winning design worked exceptionally well in raising the needed cash.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Printed lapel pins may be given to recipients personally in a branded gift box or bag, or they can be shipped affordably due to their small size and low weight.

    Printed Lapel Pins
    Minimal Price: $4.90