Promotional Mats Custom Printed


Did your mum ever tell you to "watch your step"? It's good advise because when you do you'll notice the valuable marketing space under your feet which you've previously ignored. Custom printed door and floor mats take advantage of this overlooked branding area while also providing a practical solution that keeps things tidy. Mum would be pleased! Made to order depending on your requirements, custom mats can be made to any size or specification. Branded with a sublimation digital print systems you can have your choice of full colour image applied to a hard wearing floor mat which says welcome to visitors to your premises. For outdoor or indoor use there are different mat printing and material options available depending on wear and exposure to the weather. To learn more about how your company can take advantage of the space outside your front door to lure more people inside

    Using Printed Mats in Marketing & Promotions

    A printed mat can be used on the floor of an entryway, on a counter, or behind a bar, and when adorned with branding, these mats can make very stand out promotional pieces. For floor mats, as a person walks into a business or establishment, they will often look down as they open the door and feel a different texture underfoot, causing the branding on the floor mat to now be in their direct line of vision. When wiping wet or muddy shoes, this floor mat will be in the eye line of a person even longer, causing the brand messaging to not be missed.

    At a bar, a printed mat can be used to keep bar areas clean and dry while bartenders are working, and this provides safety as well as an aesthetic appeal. When guests sit at a bar, they will be able to see the branding placed on these items as they watch their drinks being made. Branded mats can also help to market businesses with check out or food counters, and these mats can help customers to choose just what they would like to purchase. A counter mat placed in the check out and order location of a fast food restaurant can be branded to represent special sales or new items, and these can entice customers to try something different as they market any product.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Printed mats of all types will typically be manufactured with a rubber backing that allows the mats to stay securely in place whether they are used on a floor, counter, or bar. Without the rubber backing, the mats will risk slipping, and this could cause damage to goods or injuries to patrons. Depending on the type of mat, the top layers of material may vary. On floor mats, this material will typically be a soft carpet like fabric to allow for a comfortable texture, but in bar or counter mats, this layer will be more commonly made from rubber or plastic for easy cleaning.

    The top layer of a printed mat is reserved or branding, and this provides a sizeable space for brand images, logos, or messages to be placed. With this type of print area, the images placed on the mats will also be able to be seen by individuals in distant locations or various angles. Screen printing is commonly used to place branding within the print area on a printed mat, and this can allow images to be shown in a full range of bright colours.

    Promotional Case Study

    A hotel chain placed branded printed floor mats on the inner side of their entry doors to allow guest a place to wipe their shoes, and these were printed with the company’s logo as well as their multi-night room deal. The hotel was pleased to find that not only did their floors remain easier to clean after the mats had been placed, but their room deal soared in popularity as well.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Due to their large size, many printed mats are expensive items to ship, and placing or delivering these items to their desired locations by hand is often recommended.

    Printed Mats
    Minimal Price: $18.00