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Why are promotional bags so popular amongst the many categories of custom merchandise? There reasons are straightforward and it's all about value, visibility and long-term return on your marketing dollar. Besides the obvious utility of bags which allows you to safely stow and transport documents and other must-have business essentials custom promo bags are as much a fashion item as they are a practical piece of business kit. For the same reason fabulous celebrities are often seen holding handbags valued close to the GDP of Tasmania your promotions objective is to add value to the bag you buy by adding your branding. If you're planning a conference or event or just want to offer your clients and staff a branded bag which will serve for shopping and general duties as wella s taking your logo to the streets one of the hundreds of bag styles available here is certain to maximise the return on your investment

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    Using Promotional Bags in Marketing & Promotions

    Bags have a long life, so after playing their part in creating a theme for your conference or event in the longer view they continue to remind people of the original branded message, carry it out for others to see and providing a useful item which can continue to be employed for shopping, sports or storage. The combination of awareness and utility factors offered by a promotional bag is the heart of any successful marketing program and will extend message life, offer awareness and if you have your offer right, expand future sales volumes and brand equity. A large branding area is one of the primary advantages branded bags offer to marketers, but combine that with heightened visibility, portability and the ability to create a sought-after item from the elements and you have some of the reasons why promotional bags have stood the test of time while others wax and wane as trends and fashions come and go.

    How Promotional Bags Keep Your Marketing Together

    Want to know why promo bags are one of the most cost effective marketing ideas you'll find? Look around your office or even your home and do a quick audit of the printed bag situation. From green shopping bags to tote bags you'll be surprised by the collection you find and also how regularly each of them is used. No doubt about it, promotional bags are the quiet achievers of the marketing world, sitting patiently and faithfully in a corner somewhere, or hanging from a door-knob always on the ready for the call to take your logo out out to the wider world where it can be better appreciated and admired.

    Promotional Bags Work in Any Industry

    Few accessories, if any, are as functional and potentially multi-purposed. Proven performers which offer high visibility for slogans and logos, bags are a good fit with the image creation requirements the majority of industries and because there is such a large array of styles available. In fact, they were some of the earliest manufactured items produced by our ancestors and also the first promotional product. The most popular ad item in the world other than garments, the versatility and range of styles make them cost effective, pertinent and useful for advertising, no matter what your line of business. On top of these distinct advantages, promotional bags are long lasting, making them a great investment in the promotion of your brand.

    Bags have a large branding area and high visibility

    When considering what style to use for your next campaign, keep in mind that a large branding area ensures maximum visibility and continuity of your message. Unlike many product classes bags offer a lot of visible space. Every advertising budget has its limits, but using bags can help ensure that your return on cost ratio is terrific. When you order your ad bags from Fresh Promotions, you can get a very large range of price points, to help you lessen your costs. Bags are low cost to share, and should you have a need for executive type bags, there are many luxury bags that can act as your executive ad item. Since there are so many styles of promotional bags from which to choose it is easy to mix and match the features to stay within your budget while getting the type of ad item you truly want for your business.

    Bags have long lasting, multi-purpose value

    Bags make one of the longest lasting promotional products and many people will use them for long term activities like sports or shopping. For example, bags can be given as a gift with a purchase, and so you can reward your customers while offering them an item that can help bring in more business to you. In addition, with so many branding and embroidery options available, you can easily add your personal touch to highlight the originality of your offering. Since bags can be used by virtually every industry, you don't have to worry about the appropriateness of using a bag for your business. Whether you are in the travel, retail, education or even sporting goods industry, you will find a welcome return for your investment. The versatility of the bags ensures you can share them at conventions and trade shows. Since the bags are always welcome freebies, you are practically guaranteeing that your bag will be used and therefore the bag logo will be seen by a wide audience wherever the bag gets taken.

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