While the ballpoint pen was invented by Hungarian inventor Laszlo Biro it was Baron Bich who popularised the design. Biro had been manufacturing ballpoint pens at a factory built in Argentina in 1943 but it was not until 1953 that he agreed to sell his patents to Bich who was amongst the first people in the world to recognise the potential of this simple technological breakthrough. In one of the best business decisions of the 20th century, right up there with Bill Gates paying $40,000 for the MS-DOS operating system, Bic soon expanded production of ballpoint pens in Europe and formed Societe Bic a company which is still listed on the French stock exchange with majority control still in the hands of family members. Headquartered in the French city of Clichy to this day Bic now manufactures in several countries with their largest production facility in Milford Connecticut USA. Along with their eponymous range of ballpoint pens Bic are famous for their cigarette lighters and razors both of which like the ballpoint pens they introduced to the mass market in 1953, are famous for their innovation, quality and value for money.

When it comes Bic promotional pens little has changed in many years. While the promotional pen in general is on a slow decline with the change in the way people do business and the rise in electronic messaging across a a range of platforms, the Bic pen still holds an elevated position in terms of brandable and usable products. Not only are Bic pens famous for the quality of their refills, the length of their active life and the quality of the moulding and branding available on the barrels of the wide range of models, Bic have ben able to maintain the quality of the product they produce across several generations so it is still the case today that you can pick up a Bic pen and immediately recognise the elevated quality of the product above the greater mass of cheaply produced and branded alternative products.

But of course these days as the world of business communications changes rapidly there is more reason that ever to look at Bic pens even though many people believe they are a product more suitable for the last century. But consider the classic products in the Bic range and the particular attributes they have which still make them relevant to promotional marketers today. First of all there are some classic designs lick the famous Bic Click Pens which everyone can remember from their days at school. Like all proven performers these pens are still amongst the most popular models the venerable institution produces and are considered a staple of the promotional pens world.

Regardless of the style of pen you want for your company and they way in which you intend to use it Bic has a model which will work for you. The great advantage of handing out these famous pens is that people instantly recognise the branding and the designs and rate them more highly than some of the generic cheap pens which are flooding the market and many of which are inferior in their technical performance. So if you value your brand it would make perfect sense to add your logo and promotional messaging to a Bic pen which can then ad value to both your company image and a higher level of performance for the person wielding it.