Opening a new building, a mine or commissioning any major new investment is a time to celebrate. So when the Blackall-Tambo regional council in outback Queensland decided to build an event around the “Black Stump” for which their town is internationally famous the switched-on local council decided that rather than flying in dignitaries to open proceedings, local residents were front and centre. Nine locals, all of whom were chosen for their contributions to their local community were asked to simultaneously cut a ribbon strategically placed to mark the line past which everything was “beyond the black stump”. When Fresh Promotions received a call from Blackall-Tambo CEO Chris Blanch hoping to secure ten pairs of scissors and get them to Blackall pronto we were honoured and took up the challenge.

The gold ribbon cutting scissors were a hit and not only emphasised the importance of the event but gave those citizens chosen to be part of the ceremony a lasting memento of an important day in their town’s history.

And let’s not forget Australia Post, who came through and made sure the parcel arrived on time, even though delivery was required (just) "beyond the black stump". 

Congratulations to the people of Blackall on their big day and thanks for making Fresh Promotions part of it.