More and more companies and organisations seek to influence opinion and share the news of their good work by staging conferences and events to which people who are working in associated industries flock to attend. At these events the opportunity exists to meet like minded individuals and engage in discussion and exchanges of opinions and ideas which not only promote the industry sector as a whole but build relationships and extend the individual knowledge of those who attend. In the world of government and education particularly these conferences which seek to offer direction in policy and objective are staged regularly and attendance is considered mandatory for those people who seek to be seen as leading from the front.


Part of attending one of these events is the custom conference merchandise which is used to both brand the event and reward attendees. First and foremost on the likely lists of branded merchandise ideas which conference attendees look to receive are custom conference bags which both hold a range of documents and materials. While these bags have a practical use in keeping the important papers and handouts which are the way in which much of the information available at a conference is shared they also have the important role of being the primary branding device which is taken to the streets afterwards and in many cases is recognised by fellow attendees as both a mark of connection and as a means of recognising others of similar persuasion.


Say for instance your organisation decided it was a good idea for you to attend a conference which related to the industry in which you provide goods and or services. Not only would you recognise competitors at the event, but common suppliers and wholesalers who had a larger industry view. A lot of the time these people could be seen as being in conflict with the interests of your company, but somehow by carrying the same bag, attending the same event and being in the same room s everyone else in the industry a sense of togetherness and understanding can develop, and much of this is through the shared experience of carrying the same branding where in general each of the attendees may be fierce critics and competitors. Humans are not necessarily rational creatures and it is difficult to acceptor many people, but proven in the social sciences that the bonding which can take place through mutual experience its a reality, regardless of the other aspects of competition in business which can tend to cloud the opinion one holds of others.


So next time you're considering staging an event, take notice of the experience of those who do this for a living and make sure you source a conference bag which allows expressive branding and is something which people are likely to use again in a different sphere of their lives. Not only does this attract people and draw attention to the cause for which the event was first organised, if you have an annual event the ongoing promotion of your brand by means of peoples’ continued use of the bags they received at this year’s event is the perfect way to make a broader market of people aware that they should consider attendance at subsequent conferences you organise.