Building relationships in business is what continuing success is all about. While many people look for the quick kill and then enjoy feasting on the carcass, the long term solution to ongoing profitability and sales is to magi relationships with those we seek to profit from. This form or mutually beneficial relationships is one of the ways in which business brands increase in value as ultimately the ongoing cashflow which marketing and promotion generate from an existing client base is the real value dynamic which drives the value of any company.


It’s for this reason that corporate gifts are employed regularly by canny marketers. Building a personal relationship with customers, staff and suppliers is a proven way to stabilise sales and revenue and using a genuine product which has real world applicability. In this day and age it is normal for people who do business to have never met each other or to have even spoken on the phone. So much of the business day is occupied staring at screens and transferring data that the old fashioned ways of building relationships in the real world are considered by many to have no place in the modern world of business. This is again where the right corporate gift offering can cut through this seemingly impersonal approach to personal and business relationships. The tangible reality of a promotional product cannot be denied and the way in which it impacts the recipient depends largely on how skilful you have been in making the choice of the products in the first place.


Consider for instance a company which is in the financial services business. Many people resent the massive payments in interest required of them to service a mortgage or some other type of loan. Would it be a good idea under these circumstances to offer one of these long suffering interest mules a novelty product which usually caused a moment of happiness and led to a jovial reaction? Most probably something like this would be resented by the recipient who would see this sort of offering as a slap in the face and evidence that the finance supplier was not an organisation which could be trusted or which cares for their wellbeing. Something far more appropriate would be a mortgage calculator, a good quality promotional pen or even a bottle of wine. Each of these products could suggest that the company making the offering was actively seeking ways in which your burden could be lightened and that by offering a products which assisted in the process of dealing with the cost of paying a mortgage they were demonstrating a greater level of empathy than would be the case if a frivolous or amusing offering were made.


Every company should embrace the benefits which com from making the right corporate gift offering where it be to customers, staff or suppliers. Business is all about relationships and even in these disconnected days when the tech giants seem satisfied with treating people as statistics the right product offered to the right person at the right time is the most powerful a promotional process possible.