The whole point of mobile phones and tablets is that you are connected to communication systems and databases while you are out and about. For salesmen and reps who are on the road the rise of mobile communication and associated electronic information systems has been both a godsend and a curse. In the olden days many reps enjoyed the freedom that had being bale to hit the road and not necessarily be checked up upon by management as they completed their rounds. Now the reps have the advantage of always being in communication with home base so any specific questions raised by clients on issue son supply or service can quickly be dealt with efficiently and with accurate information. The downside of this change in the way traditional business travellers went about their business is that the oversight of the head office is more intense and persistent than it has even been before. And for this reason equipping your sales team with promotional car USB chargers is a decision that management finds almost impossible not to agree with.


Say for instance your company has a large number of clients in a range of locations and your sales team spend much of their day traveling between client locations to discuss new product offerings and existing orders one on one. The fact that a company is stills ending reps on the road in this day and age is a good thing, because the persona touch in business and sales is often lacking these days, however the potential downside can be that the power-hungry communication devices on which the traveling salesperson depends require regular recharging. The perfect way to take advantage of this situation, both as a means of equipping ones’ own staff and rewarding clients with a useful gift is to offer them one of the range of car charger accessories which are now available in promotional form.


While you are traveling your phone and tablet can be charging or indeed they can be continually plugged in while the rep is on etc road. This way you will never be out of power when required. While people these days take for granted the convenience which comes with mobile communication they also expect it to be available at all times. This is of course a natural quirk of human nature, the likelihood that we will never be satisfied and take which is indeed an almost miraculous service for granted so soon after it is made available.  Few things these days seem to irritate potential clients as much as not being available to take their call whenever it suits them. A promotional USB car charger is therefore an essential item in many business situations as you will always be able to respond to requests from clients and your own management the moment the need to speak with you arises.


So if your company is looking for a promotional merchandise gift idea which ticks all the boxes for both staff and clients, it’s hard to recommend anything beyond one of these simple yet effective chargers. They fit almost every car cigarette lighter fitting in every car. Adding your logo will produce a product which is sure to attract positive attention for your brand