The benefits for a company in investing some of the marketing budget in promotional bags has been made clear many times on this blog, however the specifics of the individual bag categories an the advantage they offer to the canny marketer have not been explored as deeply. This is why we now venture into the realm of promotional bags to discuss the many opportunities which the present in a company’s use of them in its various fields of endeavour. Cotton bags, the category which will be discussed in this issue of Australia’s leading promotional products blog are amongst the most popular bag styles available. The reason for their ongoing popularity is manifold and will be revealed as you read further.

 In this day and age many companies use a branded promotional gift as a way to signal their brand values and company direction. Of course anyone can make any claim in advertising, often it seems regardless of the law, however in this day and age many people are naturally skeptical of claims mad in advertising any claims made by way of the media for that matter. The overwhelming interest in “fake news” which has become a major issue in modern current affairs spills over into a general cynicism about everything people read online. This extends to the world of business and now, more than ever before, consumers and business people are prone to question any claims which are made in the world of business and commerce.

 The importance of making “green” or eco friendly claims about a business are critical for its success these days. Whether the claims have any meaning or the efforts companies apply o reduce degradation of the environment are another thing entirely, but over the past decade people have come to believe that specific actions are beneficial to the environment and are likely to reward a company with their business if their claims are consistent with these beliefs. Promotional tote bags are one of those products which consumers immediately associate with eco consciousness. The reasons for people reacting positively to a company which hands out cotton bags either as a shopping gift or as a way to promote their branding to a wider audience is that there is an undeniable reality about cotton bags which side-steps the issues which come to the fore in the “fake news” era.

 So next time your company is looking for a practical device like a bag, which you plan to use at a conference, a tradeshow or at retail level consider the inherent advantages which cotton promotional bags offer. Not only is a cotton bag a highly effective way in which you can spread the word about your brand and the offerings your company makes, it is a practical device for which people will find a multitude of uses. At the end of the day this is the ultimate objective of promotional marketing, to find a product which people will not only delight in owning, but which will continue to work to promote your brand regardless of the sphere of influence in which it finds its home.