If you’ve ever searched through the possessions of an older relative there’s a good chance you’ll find a range of custom made medals, custom coins and badges which they received as mementoes and gifts to celebrate events in their lives. In the past creating a custom made badge or lapel pin was a standard way to celebrate a national holiday or a spectacular and historic event of national or regional importance. While this practice is no longer as popular and it appears to coincide with the gradual decline of hard currency as means of exchange in favour or electronic funds transfers and digital financial transactions, the fact that coins and badges are long lasting and relatively cheap to produce are good reasons why the modern day marketer should find some room in their promotional budget for these long lasting and high apparent value items.

 The reason you might find a custom made badge in your Grandma’s cabinet of lifetime mementoes is because other than applying enormous heat to smelt them back to the base metal from which they were produced it is very difficult to destroy a custom made badge or medallion. This longevity is inherent in the product and one of the reasons that coins were originally designed as a means of exchange. The fact that they can easily be carried about, can be customised to the needs of the end user and that they have a highly visible, large image area are all reasons that the modern day marketer should consider their use. But of course the opportunities which come from the use of custom dies struck and cast badges go beyond the fact that they last a long time. here we list some of the many reasons why your company or community organisation will find that custom made metal badges and lapel pins are popular and effective marketing tools which maximise the return on investment you can expect from the budgets available.

 Say for instance you are a member of a community group. Most of these organisations the majority of which perform valuable services for society are perpetually short of funds. It seems that people will perform their allotted duties within the organisation for free or without any consideration of reward however we all know that the simplest gesture, even something as basic as a “thank you” can be a powerful motivator. This is where custom made badges become a great lever to maximise peoples' emotional commitment to your organisation or club. By giving away a simple badge which may only cost a dollar as a way or rewarding sponsors and supporters the likelihood is that people will continue to remain engaged with the cause for which the group is operating and even better the donations and offers of support which come from members are shown to improve dramatically when a simple offer like a custom made badge or die-stamped coin is offered as a means of recognising their support.

 Of course one of the main reasons that badges and pins which are offered to club and organisation supporters are a successful way to engage with members of the group and its supporters is because of their unique nature and the fact that they demonstrate to the wider community that the holder is a valued part of the community supporting the issue in question. While many people claim to operate from an altruistic viewpoint the fact is many also like to be recognised for their charitable efforts. And of course when these badges are worn in public they also can cause awareness to spread more widely and it may also be the case that people who notice the badge will stop and ask the wearer something about the cause in question.

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