In this modern digital world many people have forgone wearing wristwatch as carrying a mobile phone or having a computer close at hand means they will always be able to get an accurate reading of the time from a digital source. But even though it’s apparently easier to read a digital clock than a traditional analogue style timepiece the old fashioned approach of having a clock with hands on the wall still has currency in many situations. If yo want to get your logo and message into a difficult to access position then it could be that handing out custom wall clocks with your logo and message applied to the faces is a way to cleverly navigate the always difficult territory of guerilla branding.

there are some industries where a wall clock is a must have item. In the case of those involved in the hospitality industry, be it either providers of accommodation or services and supplies, a custom printed clock is a perfect accessory for the wall and a clever way in which you can get your message into a high visibility area. Say for instance your company provides rental cars or bicycles or even surfboards in a holiday region, the simple expedient of offering custom printed clocks which carry your message and advertising to the local businesses which offer accommodation to visitors could be a perfect way to attract more attention and clients to your business.

Another way in which custom clocks have become a part of the general visible advertising or the space behind a desk or reception area is in the world of real estate and accommodation. The tradition of having multiple clocks on the wall, all of which show the time in a different international region is one which is still popular. Not only does having multiple custom clocks on the wall facilitate check-in and give clients a frame of reference which allows them to more easily contact people from their home country or region the fact the row of clocks adorn the wall suggests something about the business in which they are visible. Your company caters to international traveler, the whole look presents a certain cachet which can left the impression people have of your services and business offerings to the next level.

The electronic mechanism which is common to most analogue wall clocks is the same one you’ll see in our range of clocks with custom printed faces. Using just a single AA battery these highly reliable electronic mechanism keep accurate time for at least 12 months without a need to change the battery. This means your marketing message can stay on place for longer and of course means that your branding and message will get noticed by more people. At the same time the managers of the location in which you have placed your custom printed wall clock will be delighted that so little maintenance is required and that your thoughtful gift continues to tick away in the background prividing a valuable service for their staff and visitors.