Through the house of human history coins and coinage have been used as a means of exchange and a store of value. So it makes perfect sense that the canny marketer would want to take advantage of the associations with wealth and value inherent in the use of coins. Minting your own custom coins is not a difficult thing in fact using the Fresh promotions free design service the process of having your own custom coins manufactured is simple and the end results produce a promotional idea, the value of which is far beyond the actual unit cost. Here we outline the basic steps required to mint your own custom currency and the ways in which  the final product can be used to enhance perceptions and the inherent values of your brand.


Coins are a simple and effective with extremely large branding areas relative to the total item of the area. As with most coins people are unlikely to discard a coin they receive so this simple attribute means that adding your logo and message to a custom made coin means the branding device is likely to hang around for years creating a long lasting means of enhancing awareness of your company and your offerings. But it gets even better, a coin has two sides (“reverse" and “obverse" in the language of numismatics). Anyone familiar with the gospels will recall the attempts of Hebrew hierarchy to lure Jesus into incriminating himself by asking about the seemingly conflicting obligations of the individual to their faith and to the state. By simply asking to see one of the coins offered by the money changers a great lesson was offered and the trickery of the pharisees was turned back on themselves and bystanders witnessing the exchange were left astonished. That a coin is a simple store of value and that it makes an undeniably powerful statement are two facts which the modern day marketer would be sensible to take on board.


Not only are coins great personal gift items they are the perfect way to mark a commemorative event. Simple, compact and with high apparent value they are the perfect way for a government or organisation to create a memento which will be kept for years to come and gives a certain gravitas and feeling of inherent value to an event. In years past it was common for a special coin, medal or custom medallion to be manufactured which would be used to celebrate and remember a public event such as victory in war, or the birth or marriage of another member of a prevailing royal family. This is still the case today as people who design and manufacture custom coins often do so in the hope that they will be given to attendees at an event and that the memory of the great day will last on every time an attendee looks again at the custom coin they received as part of the celebration.


These reasons are some of the may why you should consider custom coins as an essential part of the promotional activity of your organisation or sports club. And remember using the Fresh Promotions Free Design Service all the stress and drama is removed from the process of minting your own currency.