It’s no surprise that in the course of human history the ruling class has used custom medals to reward those who go above and beyond the call of duty in prosecuting their wars and machinations. For the very same reasons that government, kings and queens and various usurpers through history have offered the minions a small piece of metal with a cloth ribbon attached in exchange for risking life and limb the modern day marketer can take advantage of the inherent opportunities using custom medals offer.


The basic reasons that medals are a popular item is manifold. First and foremost for the people handing them out they are a relatively cheap its to produce. Not much different to a custom medallions which are die-stamped in their millions at little costs a medal is considered to be a simple product to produce either by way of casting or stamping on a press. The real value in a medal is the fact that it is scarce and exclusive. Only those who please their masters are rewarded with the rarest of these awards and in many ways you also can take advantage of this inherent human desire for that which is scarce and unusual to promote your brand, company or organisation to the wider public.


Consider a community organisation which offers custom made medals to their sponsors, donors and supporters. What better item could there be to promote the organisation? Not only are people delighted to receive a medal for the reasons outlined above, the opportunities and advantages for the charity are that the media costs very little. You can make a custom medal for under $2, but to the recipient it appears as though it could be worth hundreds of dollars. The other advantage is that the same medal can be dressed up in different ways to give the appearance of different items for different people in different situations.  By adding a different ribbon or even a chain a standard medal can be either hung around the neck as an award or pinned proudly to a chest. This sort of versatility stretches the promotional budget even further than usual and is another reason these popular and effective promotional told should be considered by a wide range of marketing organisations.


If you are a member of a community organisation or a charity custom medals are perhaps one of the best marketing investments you can make. Not only are they cheap and popular but they are a versatile item to keep in the marketing cabinet. If you need to offer a personal gift to a visitor or a member of the organisation who has performed above and beyond the call of duty there are few better items to have on hand. And of course using the Fresh Promotions FREE design service is a certain way to take any of the difficulty normally experiences din sourcing items like medals. Just send us your logo and a quick brief of what you want and our expert coin and medal designers will make sure your final custom medal design is something your company or organisation will be able to use for years to come.