Medals generally symbolize merits and achievements and are used to commemorate particular individuals or events. If you are looking for medallions that should become unique symbol of achievements on one hand and display your brand prestige impressively on the other hand, you should invest your money in custom made medallions. Custom medallions promotional medallions as perfect piece of promotion.

Medallions can be attributed to a variety of causes and events. If you are looking for medallions for sporting events such as marathon or any other sports, you can use these medallions as awards to be given away to the winners. Customized medallions will not only make winners happy for such appreciation but will always remind them about your brand.

The foremost goal of every promotional item is to endorse positive brand image and design custom medallions can be a great way to display your achievements with credentials. If you are looking for impressive yet expressive medallions, explore our range of custom medallions.

Our range of custom made medals and metal promo medals printed with your corporate logo, display quality and excellence in medal craftsmanship. These medallions are available in zinc alloy, copper, brass, antique copper, bronze, gold and silver.

We also have a great range of enamel medals and enamel tokens that can be plated in a variety of finishes to compliment individual designs. We also provide protective epoxy dome coating to these enamel custom medals.

Smart round shaped antique finish medallions are designed to boost spirit of your special events as well as popularity of your brand. These medals can also be created with 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional molds.

From branded medallions to cheap medallions, we have a wide range of promotional medallions to suit all expectations and budget. We provide attractive and high quality presentation boxes for all medallions and these boxes can also be customized with your brand name in an impressive manner. If you are looking for some specific custom medallion, please feel free to contact Fresh Promotion consultants with your queries and we will be pleased to entertain all your promotional gifts requirements.

For a promotional idea with a real touch of flair why not go for a fine metal medallion. Not just sporting events deserve to be commemorated in something solid and permanent. So next time you organise a conference or special event why not produce a great medallion from one of the choices on offer as a memento? All our medallions and coins come in quality presentation boxes and are made with the most modern technology for the best finish for the lowest cost.

For a medal that is sure to impress our Stamped Enamel Medal is number one in commemorative medallions. In long lasting metal this quality piece comes with an enamel finish that gives it that extra sparkle that will make the presentation of any medallion something truly to remember.

To continue the promotional opportunities we can offer you a range of Custom Medallions, Sports Medals and Bright Metal Medallions. These all come in a great range of colours and sizes to allow you to match your organisational aims. Whether in a gold finish or something more customised, you are sure to find what you wish among this select offering.

Of course when many people think of medals and medallions they will think of old coins and military medals, so why not take advantage of this with one of our Antique Finish Medallions. This will give your image or convention the impress of time and tradition and ensure a seriousness that your clients are sure to appreciate.

Stamped Metal Medals make a super way to promote any event in an economical manner. Easy to produce and easy to distribute. Cast Metal Medallions on the other hand enable the finest details to be represented with great clarity. So if you have a design that requires the best in presentation these are just what you are looking for.

While gold glitters, nothing says solidity and permanence like a fine Brass Sports Medal. Or for a colourful effect have a look at these special Coloured Enamel Medals. But for a commemoration with a real difference Photo Medallions are the way to go. Any photo can be incorporated into a medal or medallion design to achieve the kind of permanence only kings and queens once dreamed of. What a way to impress!

Don't be satisfied with gift pens and novelty items. When you really have something to celebrate a solid commemorative medallion or medal is a gift that is hard to beat. With ribbons and gift boxes as well, the selection offered here is sure to impress even the most jaded conference goer or conventioneer.

Promotional medallions are an under used promotional products idea in Australia. Overseas any conferences and events produce a medallion as a promotional memento of the conference or gathering. In a quality presentation box with appropriate promotional branding ta metal medallion with realised finish to die cast of your complete design is an enduring promotional product idea and something different to the usual run of promotional bags and pens. If you have a specific idea how your promotional medallion or commemorative medallion design should appear please discuss your requirements with our promotional products consultants who who will be able to recommend the best style and finish for your order. Fresh promotional products has an exclusive arrangement with one of Hong Kong largest medallion and badge production factories ensuring the final branded promotional products you receive are made using the latest technology and with the best possible reproduction of your company or organisation's logo and message.

Promotional marketing is about adding to the strength of your brand and increasing awareness. Putting your logo on Promotional medallions or a custom coin is a great way of suggesting your company has permanence and longevity. It's worked for every king and queen through history, why wouldn't producing a promotional coin or a company medallion work for your organisation.