We all know through history that medals have been used to reward the bold and brave and there’s no reason the same rules should not apply with your promotional activity. As a way to reward supporters of a cause or even offer an exclusive and popular reward for achievement or meeting a milestone there are few more obvious products than custom medals available to budge conscious marketers.

 Having custom designed medals produced is not complicated. Using the Fresh Promotions Free Design Service all you ned to do is send us the elements you want include - your logo, an image from an event, the text and names of the people involved and leave the rest to us. Our expect medal designers will make the most of the area available on each side of the medals and send the design to you for approval. This way there is nothing difficult in getting the whole process started and you can be sure that the final medals you receive are a perfect fit for your event and will become a long-lasting memento for those lucky enough to receive one.’

 Medals can be used in a range of ways but best of all they are long-lasting mementos which will bring people back to the event at which they were received. Because medals are exclusive items - you can only receive them from a single source and their supply is limited to those people involved - they are more sought after and more highly valued than many other gift items people may encounter. The fact that such a wide range of styles and designs are available also makes a major difference to the perceived value of these items amongst both those receiving them and those people who witness them being distributed.

 Medals are a perfect items or sports clubs and community organisations to source as a means of rewarding and celebrating their supporters. When you also add a coloured ribbon to a medal you highlight its visibility and increase the overall appeal of the product. By choosing your own coloured ribbons and also presentation pouches which ad to the apparent value and exclusivity of a medal gift offering. 

 Having your own custom made medals produced opens a world of possibilities. You can not only choose the shape and size of the medals or medallions you decide to produce the options are extensive. Your choices include the colour of the metal and the range of enamel colours which can be used to complete the design. The ability to produce something which is unique to your organisation and which will immediately be recognised as belonging to it are powerful reasons why custom made medals should be considered by every community organisation and local sports team.

 If you look from the trophy cabinet or personal possessions of people of all cases and nationalities there’s a good chance medals will be one of the possessions they have kept over the years and hold dear. This is because medals are both items which are exclusive and because they hold powerful memories.