In all areas of business people are looking to the same return on their investment and it makes sense therefore for marketers to look to a product which has an across the board appeal to a wide range of potential client types.


One way to analyse the likely financial return you will obtain from selecting a particular product and applying custom branding as part of your overall marketing strategy is to study the ways different segments or groups of likely customers will utilise the product you offer, the life over which the product will be used and the frequency with which they will employ the product in their daily lives. Considering all of these issues is a good sway to get a feel for the likely effectiveness of your promotional marketing campaign.


There are many product attributes of double walled metal bottles which make them a valuable marketing asset. For instance the first thing which strikes you when you look at one of these bottles is the fact they are of robust construction. While plastic water bottles can be a cheaper option and in many ways may be able to display a more vibrant range ion colours and company graphics at the end of the day they re made of plastic and the likelihood is that they will have a limited useful life and that the printed graphics on them will inevitably fade and flake away as they are washed repeatedly in a dishwasher or suffer a range of scratches and other displacements which are all part of the daily life of any promotional bottle. The beauty at the first stage of observation of these vacuum walled promotional bottles is that they are made of stainless steel and even have a metal cap. This type of long lasting construction leads in the end to a range of positive outcomes for anyone keen enough to make the larger upfront investment in using a double walled metal bottle as a branding device. It doesn’t hurt to have something as effective as this carrying your branding. First it says something positive about your company and secondly the longer a client is able to keep the bottle handy the more likely it is to become a party of their daily routine with a subsequent increase in the likelihood that the branding exercise will lead to positive results for your brand.


Eco friendliness is also a big part these days of the marketing world as much for the benefits it confers on a company s for the impression it makes with the general market. A double walled insulated bottle is a perfect eco friendly promotional product because it provides the useful service providing people with a healthy alternative to drinking soft drinks and energy drinks, but at the same time it helps environmental awareness by replacing any number of PET bottles with a single reusable metal bottle. The fact that the bottle is also highly insulated is another great advantage. Taking both hot and cold drinks with ease there are energy conservation considerations to be taken into account when considering what percentage of any beverage purchased is actually consume once the ambient temperature reaches a live which reduced.


This range of good reasons to include double walled promotional bottles as part of your marketing campaign shows why they have become one of the most popular promotional merchandise lines in 2018