In the world of promotional products marketing everyone is always looking for a way to secure a strong branding option with a product which has genuine and lasting utility. With utility comes connection and longevity and the longer promotional merchandise ideas stay in circulation and continues to be used by the recipient the better the return on investment for the marketer.

For this reason promotional bottles have long been a mainstay of the promotions world. Not only are they practical in that they provide for one of the basic essentials of life, hydration, but if you continue reading you’ll come to understand the many reasons why a proportion of your marketing budget every year should be allocated to custom branded sports bottles, in whatever form or material you see as the best way to create a congruency with your brand marketing efforts.

If your company is looking to engage in a localised marketing push then sports bottles are a great option. You can sponsor a local football team or cricket team and provide all the players with a custom, bottle with the club logo printed on one side and the details of your company on the other. Not only will members and supporters of the club look favourably upon your brand but it’s likely junior players will use the bottles in other locations, beyond the boundaries of the local sports ground and therefore your brand will be exposed more widely and seen favourably by a greater range of people.

The use of promotional bottles goes beyond the simple expedience of providing thirsty sportspeople with a drink. There are many other reasons people want to carry water around with them, and these days it is considered a virtuous thing to take your own water with a reusable bottle rather then contributing to the problem of litter and waste disposal which can come from buying bottled water. If your company is hoping to provide an eco friendly appearance to the market, and these days this is considered by many to be an important corporate concern, then providing people with a custom branded bottle which can be refilled regularly is likely to win you more friends and influence opinions of your brand favourably.

It’s not just plastic bottles which are a branding medium these days. In recent years there has been a trend towards double walled insulated bottles made of metal, particularly those which have a copper plated lining which enhances the temperature maintenance characteristics of each unit. While the individual cost of these bottles can be higher they provide a long lasting service to their owner and by adding your branding and message by means of impossible to remove laser engraving you can be sure that your gift to clients and staff will keep on working for years to come. If you want to present an image of strength, longevity and quality it could be that one of the s metal bottles is the right answer for your brand marketing.

While there are dozens of different styles of promotional bottle the fact remains that they all perform much the same task and the decision on which style you order comes down to the usual considerations of fitness for purpose. Look at the way in which you want to connect with your clients and business contacts and consider the budget you have available. Then, choose the best quality bottles you can and look forward to a lasting return on your promotional investment.