While there are many things in this world which divide us and many ways to look at things which cause us to disagree, there are some things which we all agree on. One of these is the importance of a comfy pair of socks. It may sound like a trite thing to say, but the simple comfort and utility which a good pair of socks provides makes the average day all that more pleasant, particularly when the weather turns cooler or we face adverse environmental conditions.

 One of the great things about having custom socks manufactured is that they don’t cost a whole lot more than buying a normal pair of socks from a store. Why not then, provide people with a product they will inevitably use and seek to own which has your logo applied and therefore creates a connection between them and you and your company’s offerings? This is one of the strengths of promotional marketing, that a clever marketer can produce a custom product which promotes their brand and not only succeeds in creating awareness of their company but also creates a connection with the recipient.

 Custom made socks are a great promotional option because there is a range of styles, range of applications and range of materials from which they are made. This spread of “opportunity” ensures that having your own branded socks made is a way to speak with almost everyone. The basic utility and popularity of socks which was discussed in the first paragraph, combined with the spread of deliverable product options is a perfect storm of promotional opportunity. For instance, we are all aware of the important, suited executive who finds himself in the corner office , lording it over the lesser individuals in the hierarchy. Custom business socks are the perfect gift for these people, but more and more they are a declining part of the business community and we are seeing that casual wear and a more flexible approach to business is taking root across different markets. For this reason a business sock may not be the best promotional solution for your company. First work out who it is that will be receiving the sock gift you have planned and then decide which of the available styles will best create the relationship you hope to establish.

 The best way to have your socks made is to have them custom woven so the logo and message you wish to expose people to is part of the sock. The waving process ensures that the message will peel away or be forcibly removed. As well as these practical advantages the woven sock style looks far better and let’s face it, when you are offering a clothing item you hope people will use regularly making sure it looks good is an important part of the product development process.

 So next time your company is looking to create a promotional gift which people will use and appreciate, don’t look past the range of custom made socks on offer. In terms of return on investment and positive emotional feedback from clients they are hard to beat.