Maximising the financial return from your company’s investment in business marketing is the difference between success and failure. When it comes to using promotional products to reward and incentivise customers every process you develop in offering branded products is critical in maximising the ROI of your activity. The cycle of the seasons and associated weather is a major consideration in connecting with consumers and in capturing their attention so it makes perfect sense to consider the summertime conditions which will soon be upon us.

In Australia most people spend more time outdoors in the warmer months. Combine this fact with daylight savings and you get an opportunity for switched-on marketers to connect with current clients and new business opportunities. A popular promotional idea for the warmer months is promotional sunscreen. It's a legal requirement in Australia to provide staff who work outdoors with protection from the negative effects of UV rays. Also, if your company is planning an outdoor event or investing in a sports sponsorship sunblock is a must have item these days. With skin cancer awareness top of mind many people feel undressed without this simple protection option. Supplied with a custom printed logo on a range of different pack styles custom sunscreen is a proven promo idea with year round application, but its popularity ramps up significantly as the weather heats and it’s time for summertime fun.

The Australia summer means it’s time for the beach and this means promotional towels become a must have item. Nobody's day at the beach is complete without the right towel which you can use to dry yourself after a swim and then use to bask in the sun. Even better the high visibility and large size of most beach towels makes them unmissable brand ambassadors for your logo and message. Using either screen printing or full coloured custom logo embroidery to add a brand and message you can add to the appearance of a towel and ideally create something which any fashionista would be happy to make part of their summertime ensemble. If you go top the trouble to putting together a custom summertime pack which includes a tube of sunscreen and a sun visor to protect from the worst effects of the summertime climate you can create a final corporate gift idea which people will connect with at a practical as well as an emotional level.

Another high visibility, personal protective offering which has proven to be popular over the years is a pair of promotional sunglasses. The sunglass brands you buy in major department stores are amongst the most high margin fashion items available at retail. While the final retail price is vert high the actual cost of manufacturing a pair of sunglasses…. not so much. This massive difference between perceived and actual sunglass cost is an opportunity to arbitrage marketing value for your brand. A good quality pair of custom branded sunglasses will about the same as a cold drink but provide the same protection and usability as a pair which costs a lot more. Like a baseball cap a pair of sunglasses is a highly visible gift. The right product with the right branding makes a cost effective gift for grip events or staff as summer approaches.

Another overlooked product in this day and age are promotional hand fans. Where there’s no cooling air conditioning, at an outdoor event or sports sponsorship handing out hand fans with large scale custom printing of your logo is a handy way to keep cool while distributing a high level branding device to attendees. The crowd ensure everyone will be aware of your involvement and support and in the fortunate event the spectacle is televised the waving fans (human and promotional) will provide colour and movement which will attract even more viewer attention. When an illustrious member of the ruling class or other remarkable dignitary is drawing the masses the simple expedient of handing out promotional fans is a great way to keep people cool, get your brand noticed and then give people a lasting memento of their day out to take home and show their future grandchildren.

Summertime is not usually the best time for retail sales, however the clever marketer can take advantage of the interest in outdoor activities which come at this time an use the change of focus to attract more attention to their brand and products.