Every marketer is looking to maximise the return on their promotional investment so finding that rat product which has broad appeal and year round practical value is in many ways the holy grail of promotional marketing. This is why vacuum insulated bottles have become such popular accessories in recent years No doubt that 2018 has ben the year of the insulated bottle and when you look at the any positive attributes these handy personal companions boast you can see what their popularity is likely to continue for some time to come.

The idea of using a vacuum as insulation is not a new idea, infant Thermos has been using this technology for decades in their famous thermos flasks. The basic idea is that a vacuum does not allow the transfer or energy in any form, in this case heat so the temperature of the contents of the bottle is maintained as it is protected from contact with the outside world. The laws of physics dictate that all systems see their lowest energy state and inevitably without the protection of insulation the temperature of the container contents will achieve a balance with the rest of the environment by means of equalisation. In other words, any heat energy held by the contents of the insulated container will average itself with the environment, lowering the temperature of the contents if they are hotter than the environment and transferring the excess heat to the environment which will itself rise minimally with the influx of temperature from the previously insulated beverage. 

In Summer everyone in Australia feels the heat at some time and these days with concerns about maintaining a healthy lifestyle experts recommend people consume water to main personal hydration at a higher level than was suspected to be beneficial in the past. This is one of the main reasons the gift of a copper insulated vacuum bottle is one which people will appreciate for a number of reasons. Whether it is to keep water cold for refreshment purposes during the warmer months of year or as a way to keep tea or coffee hot in Winter an insulated bottle is a must have item

The value of promotional branding increases over time. The longer somebody is exposed to your message which is applied to a custom promo product the greater the return on the original investment. This is another great reason your company should consider an investment in insulated promotional bottles as they can last a life time. The simple, no nonsense technology which makes them such effective items does not deteriorate over time, It is for this same reason the Thermos company offers a lifetime warranty on its products. Insulated bottles take advantage of the laws of physics an they aren't going anywhere in a hurry, and if they do we will all be going somewhere else with them.

Next time you’re looking for a non-nonsense practical gift which you can give to staff and client don;t look past the great range of insulated metal bottle available on this website all of which can be either lasers engraved or printed with your branding and which can last a lifetime.