Every year a couple of promotional ideas seem to gain traction with marketers. Iso far in 2018 one of these products has been insulated vacuum promotional bottles. The range is ever expanding as more and more people realise the advantages of adding their brand to one of these handy and attractive personal gift items. Th reasons for the popularity of these new style beverage containers are many, but in every case, as is always the way with the most popular promotional merchandise ideas, insulated bottles tick a lot of different boxes. they are practical while being attractive, eco friendly while not cutting corners on quality. Keep reading and by the end of the article you’ll know why vacuum walled promotional bottles look like being the hit product of 2018.


The basic reasons that people like one product or brand over another are fairly simple to understand and illustrate. While there are is a multitude of nuances which also should be considered the basic check boxes are value, utility and style. In the case of these new style metal walled promotional bottles they achieve top scores in all three basic fields and in a number of other secondary considerations. People are always looking for something new and novel to offer their clients and staff, let’s face it novelty is a value which people cherish an pursue and the simple fact that something is new and novel can act as a multiplier effect when investing in promotional merchandise.


The reasons these new style insulated vacuum bottles are so popular are manifold. First and foremost is the aspect of novelty which is always a good reason to choose one promotional merchandise idea over another. The second is that they fulfil a need amongst consumers. People are often on the road and it’s a well known fact that frequent rehydration is a positive for health. Whether the user is exercising or simply going out on the street for a walk carrying a custom insulated bottle is a sure-fire way to make sure you have the right liquid refreshment at the right temperature regardless of where you are.


A third reason, and one which is becoming amore and more important every year is the issue of eco friendliness. Much has been written and discussed about the alleged dangers we face as a result of the overuse of disposable packaging for bottled water but the value of insulated bottles in this respect goes beyond their ability to avoid the dreaded PET plastic bottle waste which seems these days to constitute a large percentage of the litter we see on roadsides.  Because your favourite beverage stays at the right temperature for hours in an insulated vacuum bottle none of it is wasted. Instead of pouring out a half consumed cup of coffee and using more energy and resources the whole of each batch is consumed.


For these simple reasons and many others people are rapidly coming to realise that promotional vacuum bottles represent a new wave of eco-friendly promotional merchandise design which has many advantages over the current crop of styles with none of the downsides of quality and value which often plague other eco friendly promotional gift ideas.