Every year eco friendly idfeas seem to be more popular. While many of the classes of eco friendly products have questionable credentials 2019 has already shown that jute produce bags are the real deal. Both made of naturally produced compostable fibre and saving produce from untimely disposal these branded jute drawstring bags are an ideal way to get your logo noticed while reducing waste. These days many companies hang their reputation on the market on their green credentials. There is much skepticism amongst consumers as to whether these claims are genuine. The simple act of offering a product which has an irrefutable eco friendly heritage, like jute produce bags is a sure fire way to win consumers over to consider your brand next time they are shopping.

Of course a natural for using these products is the fresh fruit and vegetable market, both at a retail and wholesale level. It makes a lot of sense for a grocery shop to hand these out to clients. Not only will it encourage people to buy more and remember their brand but of course when the produce is delivered to the table in premium condition the likelihood of consumers returning to purchase more is increased.

Jute is a natural fibre which was popular prior to the second world war. In recent decades it’s been overshadowed by the ever increasing range of synthetic fibres but as people become more concerned about environmental issues jute has seen a resurgence. Jute is a natural fibre which comes from cultivation of corchorus capsularis, a long fibrous plant native to China, but now grown in many tropical and subtropical locations. Once you’ve finished with jute, unlike most artificial materials it can be composted so every stage of its production use and disposal is environmentally sustainable.

People are concerned about the environment and to some extent the obsession with healthy eating is part of the same change in focus as people look for more natural options in both the products and the foods they consume. It’s considered to be broadly true that the greater the level of processing and artificial ingredients in a foodstuff the less healthy it will be for those who eat it, and similarly environmental concerns are largely driven by a focus on a similar desire of wholesomeness for the whole planet.

The recent trend towards jute bags has seen a range of different sizes and styles available. The drawstring jute bag version has been the most popular because it is both practical and a simple style to handle. Once the fresh produce is placed inside the drawstring immediately closes the bags and keeps the contents safe.

Using these popular jute bags to promote your brand has a number of advantages. Of course there is the universal practicality which is inherent. You do not necessarily need to use them to store fresh produce, they can be used for laundry or the storage of any other product which would be satisfactorily stored in a drawstring bag. The other great advantage is that people tend to take them with them on their shopping expeditions so your logo and message get more widely noticed.