It become clear to you when a mobile phone goes missing or is dropped and smashed how critical they are to success in an average business day and how much our personal lives now revolve around the information contained in a mobile phone. It then becomes clear also, when it’s time to sign a contract or hand over cash for a new phone, what the financial implications are of breaking or losing a phone. For these reasons and other reasons related to pleasing and connecting with clients and business contacts that many companies have decided to invest in custom mobile phone covers for their staff and as popular items they can offer to clients and other people with whom the organisation does business.

 Besides their obvious ability to protect a valuable mobile phone from damage the other great advantage of sourcing phone covers and adding your custom printed logo is the high level of visibility an personal contact most people maintain with their pone, which is for most of us a constant daily companion. On the back of every phone we have a highly visible, large potential print area which is not only seen by the owner of the phone every time it is used, but it also visible to other people nearby. The effectiveness of promotional marketing is variable and it is difficult to quantify exactly the potential to influence and generate sales of any particular type based on the single visible appearance of a logo or sales message. But at the same time this all means that any visible logo or message has the potential to spark something within the observer which could lead to a sales, and therefore all efforts at promotional marketing should be pursued as one can never be sure which particular appearance will be the one which causes a tipping point and results in increased sales or exposure for your company.

The range of different phone cover styles available is something to think about. Almost every model of phone released over the last 10 years has a soft silicone or moulded plastic cover available. In many cases these covers add to the appearance of a mobile phone and certainly act as name tags would in other cases to make sure people immediately recognise who the owner of the device might be. The range of colours available is another consideration and fortunately because Fresh promotions sources from the four corners of the globe, and in particular the USA, there is a great range of styles available which covers all promotional an business requirements.

 When your staff venture out into the world to generate sales and profits for your organisation remember how important their mobile communication devices can be in the whole scheme of keeping members of the organisation connected and the flow of information working in the right direction. Add to this the value of adding custom branding and your marketing message and you see that there is no reason for a company to overlook these important business and communications tools.