While the promotional products industry has been in existence since the mid 1800s every year there are new opportunities and product styles. As fashions change and the attention of the public shifts with popular culture so the branded merchandise ideas companies find work best to promote their products and services change with the times. So what are our predictions of the products which will be most popular in 2019?

Insulated Vacuum Bottles
In 2018 these new ranges of products were extremely popular and the ranges available continued to grow as the year progressed. Not only are vacuum insulated bottles a perfect way to maintain personal hydration in the hot months of the year, because their insulating properties cover both hot and cold beverages they have year round appeal. This is the perfect way to maximise your return on promotional investment, combined with the fact that people keep them close and often take them out while walking or exercising. Early indications are that the ranges available will continue to grow in 2019 while the branding opportunities available will also expand. Usually screen printing or laser engraving have been the preferred ways in which vacuum bottles are branded but new technical breakthroughs are now permitting full colour digital printing on the curved surfaces without distortion. Keep watching our insulated bottles category for new products… there are plenty coming soon.

Vacuum Insulated Cups & Mugs
With eco friendliness and personal convenience being two of the major factors in driving the popularity of individual classes of promotional products the expansive range of reusable coffee cups and mugs is likely to be as popular in 2019 as 2018. So many people rely on their morning takeaway coffee to get the day started on the right foot. Insulated cups have a number of advantages which make them the perfect personal gift people appreciate which is one of the main reasons promotional marketing still returns on investment as well as it ever has. Combining effectiveness, stylish design and high level insulation which keeps the contents at the right temperature for longer insulated cups are available in a range of materials. The best sellers are the double walled vacuum mugs made of stainless steel. Providing high level insulation, a cool outer shell which does not change temperature with the addition of hot or cold contents and airtight selling lids to keep the contents at the right temperature for longer these beverage essentials have year round appeal, working as well with hot contents as they do with cold. As a gift to staff or as a way to engage with new and existing clients insulated mugs are sure to continue to be top of the pops in 2019.

Reusable Metro Cups
As mentioned above, reusable insulated coffee mugs were one of the surprise hit products of 2018. Most of the successful products ar made of double walled stainless steel however the product which rose out of the pack to be a clear leader in popularity was the glass walled metro cup. Constructed in a similar manner to the stainless steel options available, metro cups have a double walled design with a vacuum between the walls which science has proven to be the most effective form of insulation possible. The great advantage the metro cup has over its opaque rivals is that the contents of the cup can be clearly seen, giving you an immediate indicator of the volume of the beverage still available for consumption. Combine this unbeatable feature with the fact that dozens of different colour combinations are possible my mixing and matching the silicone caps and branding bands and you have the ability to put together a product option which is unique to your organisation.

One thing’s for sure, and that’s that it’s too early to predict what products will take the lead in the battle for popularity. Visit again soon or call us anytime to discuss your promotional plans and get an update on the latest product options available.