It’s not just for the average Australian, but for people who work in hospitality, in restaurants or anywhere refreshing beverages are consumed promotional bottle openers have an important place in their lives. Convenient items which tirelessly perform an important duty the branding opportunities which bottle openers offer go far beyond the fact that they have a simple job which they do extremely well. By associating your brand with the pleasure people obtain from consuming alcoholic or soft drinks you can enjoy a rub-off effect in your marketing activity, so much so that you may even find that after a while your promotional cup runneth over. 

Bottle openers come in all manner of styles and shapes, depending on the price and the branding style you wish to apply there are dozens of styles available which perform the basic test assigned to them with aplomb. For the connoisseur of fine wines there are complex and scientifically designed wine openers which ensure that the atmosphere is mixed with the contents of an expensive bottle of wine at exactly, but at the other end of the spectrum a simple plastic bottle opener which will pop the top off a bottle of fizzy drink is just as effective at doing its job and many would argue that the actual pay-off to the consumer in flavour and enjoyment is little different though there would be a multiple of 100’s of times in considering the relative cost of the bottles to which the openers had been applied.

Traditionally it has been the beverage industry which has utilised promotional bottle openers to best effect and it’s not hard to understand why. A bottle opener which carries the brand of say a famous beer label is likely to be kept and used and the rub-off effect for the association is a natural so a virtuous circle of promotional appeal develops. Of course a simple and practical way to ensure that you always have the tools on hand which are required to open a bottle of your favourite foaming beverage is the keyring bottle opener. Whether made of stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium or simple and cheaply from injection moulded plastic there’s no doubt that a bottle opener which is always on hand and which doubles as a tag carrying your brand is powerful tool, particularly when it’s called into play to open a bottle and provide instant refreshment. Your brand and your offer will not be forgotten and will be looked upon favourably thereafter once it has come to the rescue and proven its inherent value.

Larger, hand-held bottle openers are common in hospitality venues and the fact that they must work efficiently and with a minimum of attention is a given in the often fast-paced world of hospitality. Most bartenders had the own preferred style and once they’ve bonded with such an item it will rarely leave their side. The average drinker who serves the goings-on behind a bar while waiting for his drinks to be server is inclined to notice the preferences of a beverage professional and if your company logo is seen to be carried and regularly used by a professional purveyor of alcoholic beverages the potential of your brand will also guarantee to increase.

Next time you’re looking for a fun personal gift don’t forget to consider promotional bottle openers. Not only are they a great addition to any bar and a must have item at celebrations and parties.