In promotional marketing we’re always looking for high level branding at a low level price and in this respect there are few better options available than promotional hand fans. The great range of colours, shapes, styles and forms means there is something available for most applications. Best of all these fans have a practical purpose. Not only can you display your support for a team or an event for others to see and for cameras to create lasting images, in the hot Summer months of Australia a custom hand fan can keep things that few degrees cooler which makes all the difference between enjoying the show and sweltering in uncomfortable heat.

 Say you are marketing an outdoor event like a sporting fixture or a concert and there are concerns about the upcoming weather patterns. There are two things which can really ruin peoples’ enjoyment of the event you’re staging. Too much rain or too much heat. In many ways the excess heats is the worst because it threatens the health and wellbeing of attendees, while a sprinkle of rain is often only likely to share things up a little. Having the promotional fans on hand means that you are taking responsibility for people attending. Or otherwise, you can sell them at a concession stand so people are able to buy an item which gives them a lasting souvenir of the event and a constant reminder of the fun they had on the night in question.

 When visiting dignitaries in town and you want to organise a spectacular  arrival ceremony there’s nothing better than custom printed hand fans. As people line the roads they can not only provide personal cooling comfort while waiting to the motorcade or celebrities to arrive, the the object of their devotion comes into view people can wildly wave their hand fans creating a sea of colour and movement which adds to the whole scene and gets attendees involved intimately in the festivities.

 If your company is concerned about the effects of alleged human caused global warming using cooling hand fans is a way to provide people with a lasting memento of an event or function while not blowing the budget on high cost electricity. Hand fans have a genuine, practical application beyond their branding power and people appreciate the personal control a fan provides in maintaining their personal temperature at a comfortable level.

 If your company is planning an event or looking for a way to leverage a sponsorship involvement to make sure that people are aware of your investment and support you can't go past a custom printed fan. The wide range of colours, shapes and styles available ensure that there’s a model available which will suit every purpose and marketing plan