In business people are always looking for a way to save money, or extend the benefits of a line of expenditure into other areas, as cost control is a critical part of business management. Finding a product which has a range of uses and opportunities for new exposure is a way in which business management is able to reduce expenditures without causing ructions to develop through the organisation. This is why promotional lanyards have in recent years become products which more companies seek to invest in as not only does a lanyard provide security and identification to members of staff it has a range of practical functions which make it a must have item these days in many offices.

 Traditionally lanyards have been items which were used as a sign or rank and power. The origin of the word “Lanyard” comes form the french “Laniere” which is a strap or letter thong which was traditionally used by naval or military types as a means of keeping a sword or pistol at hand. The letter thong was wrapped around the writs, attached to the weapon in question and therefore as soon as trouble started the holder of the the “Laniere" was ready for action. In many ways this is still the case today as those who are in business immediately see the associations between the world of warfare and the actions they undertake everyday to fight their competition and bring their products to the market. In the days of old when buccaneers and naval heroes ruled the high seas the laniere was a badge of rank and in many ways this is still the case today as promotional lanyards are used in a variety of ways but in one they are all similar - they display membership and identity to other people who are close enough to notice the implied meanings of the lanyard being worn.

 Of course it seems these days that is it at conferences where the lanyard habits greatest level of acceptance and use. This is for the same reasons that historically lanyards have been used. The practical nature and the high visibility are both important at conferences and events where a lanyard doubles as both a form of ID and a signs of membership of the attendees' club. Of course it is generally the same that an ID pocket or ID holder is added to the lanyard and this is where another spect of promotional lanyards come sin to play - their ability to be fitted with any one of a range of different clip styles so they can be utilised in a variety of different ways and perform a variety of different tasks. A lanyard can perform a multitude of tasks, from holding the clear ID pocket which contains printed information on the details of the attendee wearing the lanyard through to being a handy device from which a mobile phone or set of keys can dangle.

 One thing’s for sure, regardless of the ay in which you intend to use your lanyard these hard working woven thongs or bands have bene around for a long time and will likely be around for more time to come as their inherently practical advantages continue to be utilised by business people who always seek a practical solution to the problems they face in the world of business