The secret for success in leveraging promotional activity into increased sales is to select products which compliment the existing marketing strategy and public face of the organisation. If your company is for seeking to present an environmentally conscious image to consumers it makes sense to offer promotional gifts to the market which highlight this focus. Environmentally friendly promotional products are a proven way to create an eco friendly image. While people and companies can make any type of claim to eco friendliness in their marketing activity actually putting a product in peoples' hands is more likely to counteract much of the general cynicism many people feel over these claims from large corporations. One of the real advantages of promotional merchandise is that it's reality cannot be denied. In a marketing world where bluster and misinformation is the norm the simple expedience of placing a branded item in the hands of consumers.

In a world where there seem to be many versions of the truth, all being promoted by those who seek to benefit from defining a new reality it's difficult to know what to believe and understand which reality is legitimate. In the digital world it is difficult to define what is true as the obsession with "fake news" and fact checking has supporters on both sides directing criticism at each other. A proven way to sidestep this confusion is to invest in branded promotional merchandise. When somebody holds something in their hands they are able to make a rational decision about its nature and therefore the implied qualities which flow to the provider. Unlike other forms of communication which must rely on emotive ways to manipulate and control perceptions, branded merchandise creates a direct connection with consumers and allows you to structure brand perceptions without the cynicism which arises these days in the world of "fake news".

Managing consumer perceptions of your brand is one of the most difficult aspects of promotional marketing.  While billions of dollars are spent every week on advertising messages and other means of moulding consumer perceptions the final results can never be trusted to be what were planned. research has proven that promotional products marketing, when overlaid against more traditional forms of brand marketing has the potential to reinforce positive perceptions. In this day and age of "fake news" and increasing consumer confusion and cynicism about digital messaging, adding you brand to a printed pen is a proven way to win friends and influence people.

If your company is looking for a way to take advantage of the opportunity which promotional products ofer marketing based organisations it makes sense to first of all consider the budgerts available and then look at how objectives can be met with the avialable funds. There's no point trying to takle over the world or dominate a market by handing out a few promotional pens to random passers-by. Instead one needs to set realistic objectives and look more carefully at the general opportiunites which exist to promotew your business and brands to a wider segment of available consumers