These days business is all about instant communication and mobile devices have become a part of everyone’s day, to such an extent that it seems like lifetimes ago that people had to reply on public telephones and fax machines to communicate with their suppliers and clients. Of course for some people in earlier generations public phones and fax machines also seemed to be major leaps forward in technology, but it would be hard to argue that the changes in the last two decades have been more profound and had a greater impact onto working and daily lives of more people than innovations which occurred in the preceding 50 years. Because mobile communication devices are a critical link in the business day of people it makes sense that there is an opportunity there for promotional marketers to take advantage of the likelihood that people with whom they do business will need to recharge on the run and therefore items like promotional phone charging cables are a cost effective way to make sure your logo is applied to a custom promotional product which people will keep close at hand and use regularly.

 It has been noted that the apparent variations in the way charging chords are designed is solely as a marketing tool for the manufacturers of the major smart phone and tablet computer brands. We know that Apple and Samsung both use different charging chord configurations and as a result there is a limited ability to cross over between the systems. Equally, some people may have multiple devices and are unable to recharge from a single cable. This is why the promotional phone charging cables which feature multiple connection styles are very popular. Regardless of the device you carry, or even if your have multiple devices you need not be without power again.

 As a corporate gift idea a 3 in one phone charger cable is hard to beat. Everyone needs them and even people don’t have a direct business application for the charging cable gift you gave them they are unlikely to discard an item which has such a practical value. People may give it to one of their kids or somebody else in the office this earning the admiration of the final recipient, some of which is certain to be returned to you, the person responsible for initiating the whole process.

 Working out the best way to allocate your promotional budget is emoting which keeps many business people occupied for months and ultimately there is no exactly right or wrong answer at the end of the process. One thing is for sure and that is finding item with genuine practical value which provides support and assistance in the daily lives of the recipients its a good place to start when assessing the suitability of particular items to carry your brand. For this reason promotional mobile phone gear as a general category or promo merchandise which remains extremely popular and consequently one which all business marketers should keep as an option. But more specifically, the fact that a promotional phone charging cable has uses beyond the field of work and endeavour is a reason to elevate this class of products to the top of the tree when it comes to looking for a practical promotional gift idea at a relatively low unit price