For those of us who remember the “Good ‘ol Days” when business was done over a counter meal and salesmen travelled the back roads a set of samples and a hand written diary full of business contacts in their briefcase the modern world of electronic communications is not all upside. it may seem that now it is a simple matter to communicate with anyone else on the planet however there is still a place in modern business practice for the old ways of doing business. A popular custom branded product which seems to have a foot in both camps… the old and the new.... is the range of custom stylus pens. These handy personal assistants make sure you’re in the right position to respond in the right way regardless of the medium by which you are communicating.

These days everyone wants to be a specialist and it seems that the experts who run the world of business are of the opinion that we should all be sitting at a desk pumping out electronic messages to each other. For those who pine for the olden days the promotional stylus pen is an ideal compromise between the new and old ways of messaging clients and business contacts. Equipped with a soft rubber attachment on the end of every pen the stylus pen makes texting an easy and more accurate exercise than merely using your fingertips and in cold weather or times when the screen on your smart phone won’t respond properly because there is moisture or perspiration on the tips of your fingers. Most people who have tried a stylus pen find that it is a much better option than the alternative.

Another advantage which a classic printed pen of any style has over modern electronics is the opportunity for custom branding. A pen can be printed or engraved in a number of ways and can carry not only a logo and company name but telephone number, web address and other relevant brand messaging. As a package then a stylus pen has a great range of marketing advantages which when considered in term of its useful life, which can be several years, begins to approach the cost per view of electronic marketing but with the distinct advantage that the stylus writing instrument is tangible and real and may become a constant companion of its lucky owner.

And of course the versatility of the stylus pen is something which suits the practices of modern business. Not only do they work on every smartphone model but you have all bases covered because the other end of the pen has a ballpoint refill which means you’re able to write old school messages whenever required. Even in these days of electronic messaging a pen is something most people want to have on hand and there will never be a more efficient way to send a work colleague a quick message than to write it on a piece of paper. The other great advantage of using a pen and writing a message which you leave in a prominent place is that there is a far higher likelihood of it being noticed, read and acted upon than an electronic version which may disappear into subspace and cause confusion and disappointment amongst all concerned.

Versatility is the name of the game in maximising your marketing budget and a multi-purpose product which costs so little is something which will may even please the company accountant. And of course your branding will always be visible on the stylus pens you order so your telephone number and message will keep pushing your brand for many years to come.