There are many reasons people put on their lists for buying promotional products. First and foremost there are the traditional reasons - to increase awareness of a brand with a selected target market and to reward staff and business contacts for their ongoing support. then of course there are a myriad of other more subtle manifestations of the same objectives which come in the form of a range of image development ideas, many of which are ideally suited by promotional merchandise ordering and distribution. People tend to look for specialist products which have a spike or relevance in one particular area or field of activity. However there is much to be said for sourcing a branded item which covers all the bases.

 One such product style is promotional travel mugs. Available in a wide range of styles and sizes the reasons people should use travel mugs for their daily consumption of hot beverages, be they tea or coffee are manifold. We don't have the time or indeed the need to emphasise why people drink tea and coffee however the fact that it is such an important part of their lives and that they obtain so much enjoyment from the experience is all you need to know to consider including custom branded travel mugs as part of your overall marketing experience.

First up travel mugs are a proven way to enhance the experience of drinking hot tea or coffee. This means every time the recipient of one of your printed travel mugs has a sip of their morning coffee they will emotionally become more favourably attached to your brand. This is not always a conscious behaviour, people are not naturally logical, though we are educated to believe this is the primary motivator of most of us.The reality is a basket of subconscious influences affects every decision people make and something as simple as the gift your have given them keeping their morning coffee at the right temperature can have a far-reaching influence on the way they consider your products and services.

The other consideration is that a travel mug becomes a constant companion for many people. It’s something they have about all day every day and the fact is it can be used for multiple purposes, from keeping their coffee at the right temperature through to providing a cool and refreshing drink at the height of summer. Far from breeding contempt, familiarity in this case is a proven way to create a bonding emotional tie, and with your branding elegantly dded to the outer face of a travel mug people are certain to have a subconscious positive association with the ranges of products and services you offer. Say it comes down to a choice between the offerings of your company and those of a rival when a purchasing decision is being made. The fact that you have provided a product which has proven to be reliable and effective, even though it may have no direct association with the products the company is considering purchasing can be all that is required to tip the balance in your favour.

Sop next time you’re looking for a long lasting and cost effective promotional merchandise idea think about the range of travel mugs we have available. From cheap through to high quality and expensive there is a style which suits every budget and marketing objective.