Many of us remember the ancient times of our childhood when a milko with a horse delivered bottled milk to the front door every day, when there were no 7/11’s, only milk bars and when every kid had a piggy bank in which they squirrelled away the coins they managed to acquire from cashing in soft drink bottles at the aforementioned milk bar. In those ancient times it was considered a virtue to save and that the practice was a helpful training for later life when budgeting and control of ones finances was more critical. The local bank used to hand out custom money boxes to kids to emphasise the positive aspects of saving and to make sure everyone remembered all the money was actually theirs. Snide remarks about the financial system aside, offering people promotional piggy banks these days while perhaps not as important part of growing up as it once was in these days of electronic funds transfer and everyone having a debit card, is still a great way to offer people a means of keeping loses change in one place while providing an item with a large, prominent branding area nobody can ignore.


The pig, or swine is an animal which produces mixed emotions in people. While considered a filthy animal by many they are said to be smarted than dogs and for that matter many humans. The idea that a pig will eat just about anything is the thinking behind the idea of a piggy bank and along with their naturally rotund shape these attributes combine to suggest the pig as the ideal model for those who wish to stash away small change for use on a rainy day in the future. This psychological profile is not only valuable in the world of finance and banking, it is applicable right across the world of business.


But more importantly than the modern day importance of the piggy bank are the ways in which out can be used to promote your branding. First of course, if your company is in the finance industry a piggy bank is a perfect way to engage with your clients. Even if a grown-up doesn’t need a piggy bank they will know a kid somewhere who does and at least be able to make a hero of themselves by passing on your promo gift. Basking in reflected glory s better than basking in no glory at all and interestingly as so many people are driven by the attitudes and approval of others your brand may gather more positive reflections when a person hands on the piggy bank you gave them rather  than keeping it for themselves.


In an office situation there is often a scramble for coins for parking metres of coffee money. Often the care of loses change is committed to the company receptionist and in these cases a piggy bank is an ideal container. The fact that it is a whimsical and amusing design always helps and you’ll likely find that people will keep the pig coin bank in a prominent place, demanding passersby contribute to the fund, whether it be as repayment of small loans with interest or by means of various taxes and charges levied against workmates.


Next time you're looking for a promotional merchandise idea which covers a lot of bases and has appeal through the generations you could do a lot worse than put your money in piggy banks