It seems these days that most people can’t get through the day, or certainly make it to lunchtime without the assistance of invigorating caffeine. There is great debate about the waste which is generated through the creation and disposal of takeaway coffee cups most of which are used only once and end up in the rubbish bin. In response the the amount of landfill which is being produced and the costs both environmental and economic in first producing then disposing of all this waste has led to the promotions industry offering reusable coffee cups as a way in which companies can both arm their own staff with products which can be used multiple times and also offer them as versatile gifts to clients and business prospects as a means of establishing a reputation for eco friendliness and innovation.

The most popular model of all the reusable coffee cups styles is the metro cup which has both a stylish appearance and a highly effective design. Made of glass so it is entirely inert and provides the ultimate medium in which to keep any hot or cold beverage the metro cup has a double walled design. The vacuum between the two glass walls is still the most effective insulation known to modern science and so it is in this case as a metro cup can keep your favourite hot beverage at the right temperature for several hours. So the economical aspects of these mugs is not just the waste and refuse they save, but also the fact that far less of your precious coffee, or which most of us pay $4-$5 a shot these days,  is consumed and less id tipped down the drain or disposed of with the cup in which it is sold. The wide silicone sleeve which girts each metro cup is both a branding opportunity and a design feature to ensure these cups are even more easily noticed that they would be otherwise. And of course there's also a cheap metro cup made of BPA free plastic which shares most of the beneficial features mentioned above.

Cafe cups are also popular models. In design they mimic the traditional paper or foam disposable takeaway cup however they have several advantages over the old favourite you get every day from your favourite cafe. First of all the level of insulation is again far superior so the contents stay hot longer and the cups are easy to hold. No problems with burnt fingers or the exterior of the cup becoming uncomfortable to hold. The extensive range of cafe cups are also available in a rainbow of colours and several models allow you to mix and match the colours on the cup, the lid and the silicone sleeve. Choosing your own custom colour combination is a great way to produce a promotional gift idea which is unique to your company and one which highlights your company logo and livery.

If your company’s looking for a popular, practical gift which people will use regularly and which projects an eco friendly image for your company it’s hard to go past the wide range of reusable coffee cups available on this website