Every year a particular promotional merchandise line emerges from the pack to become the item most people and the companies they work for seem to gravitate towards. Often this trend begins at a retail level with a branded product bing promoted in the media and gaining traction in stores. The interest, effectiveness and increasing popularity then spills over into the world of business and communications so that the pent-up demand of the product and the higher levels of consumer engagement lead clever marketers to understand that there is brand equity to be gathered using the product of the year to promote their company offerings.

 In 2018 it’s custom vacuum bottles which have captured the public imagination and a great product they are. The main reasons these handy all metal containers have become so popular so quickly is the many practical advantages they offer user. Here we will tick off the various functions vacuum bottles offer their holders while also considering the equally compelling reasons that companies should consider they as marketing gifts to both their clients and their staff.

 The sweet spot all promotional marketing experts look for is using a branded product to promote a product or service which costs far less than the apparent value it carries. In this respective range of metal vacuum bottles are amongst the best promotional options available to Australian marketing companies. With retail prices generally in excess of $20 for the styles of bottles being discussed the fact that they can be bought in bulk for around $12 complete with custom branding applied is an early indicator that they offer a financial incentive to promoters. So if you are looking to make a bonus gift to clients, or a value-added offer to consumers, right from the start vacuum bottles meet the requirements of a successful marketing offer.

 If you are looking for a way to engage with consumers, what better way than taking advantage of the accumulated positive impressions consumers hold towards a product class, as is the case with custom vacuum bottles? Say for instance you are making an offer to the general public and want people to talk your new product offering seriously. If in some way the offer can be connected with the product characteristics the effectiveness of a campaign will be enhanced. So in the case of vacuum insulated bottles creating a tag line which promotes your company’s effective, practicality and reliability will transfer some of the characteristics of the vacuum bottle to your brand.

 Marketing is in many ways taking advantage of the direction in which the herd is traveling. The fact that insulated bottles have taken control of such a large slice of the public attention and imagination in recent months is reason for every alert marketer to consider the possibility of using them as part of their company’s communication strategy. The extensive range or sizes an styles ensures there’s something available for almost every situation and budget.