Promotional Compendiums Custom Printed


A compendium is the perfect office accessory to have on hand for your employees. As appreciation gifts or even just use them for everyday giveaways, promotional compendiums are a business solution which offer strong branding and a suite of features which make them a useful accessory for anyone in the world of business administration. Not only does a compendium make a great gift item they are amongst the most practical office accessories, keeping documents, ID and stationery requirements together. At a conference or any sales event a promotional compendium complete with the documents and accessories which are part of attendee requirements are neatly supplied inside this ready-made organiser.

    Using Compendiums in Marketing & Promotions

    From premium leather compendiums which make much admired personal gifts through to cheaper styles used at conventions and events there are promotional compendium designs for every possible end use at a range of price points which offer a deal of budget flexibility. Combining a large branding area with a host of useful functionalities there's few better buys in the world of promotions than a well resourced compendium. A cheap compendium does exactly the same job as an expensive model, the difference is entirely one of style not function. The right branded compendium will last for years and become the daily companion of your staff and business contacts.

    Users' Guide: Promotional Compendiums Keep The Essentials Together

    Whether it's for your staff , as a gift for clients or as a way to keep essential documents in order at a conference or trade show, promotional compendiums have proven over many years to be one of the most popular and useful branded items available. The fundamental design is the same for most models with variations occurring in size and the available storage space inside. But generally a compendium is a cover for a note pad, a ring binder, a series of pockets and sleeves for papers and ID requirements along with a means to carry the essentials of business in a compact and secure manner

    From What Materials are Compendiums Made?

    There are two basic classes of substrate used in manufacture. The majority of products are made of polyurethane, a synthetic material produced by stabilising hydrocarbon by-products. Like most synthetics utilised in similar positions polyurethane is a stable and highly adaptable material which lasts a long time and suffers the minimum of environmental damage. Cheap, effective, easily branded and long lasting "PU" as it is described in shorthand by those in the know is an ideal product to produce great value compendiums which will please a user and lead to a long term relationship.

    The second most popular material is leather. Good old fashioned tanned hide has been one of the products of choice all through human history as much for its availability as the natural feel and aroma with which it is associated. Many models of leather compendium are available and in general these higher-level models are used as company gifts or as a special "thank you" for a staff member of business contact who has done the right thing and been generously rewarded for their trouble. In addition to natural leather these is a more economical option described as "compounded leather" which is actually an amalgam of natural leather products and polyurethane. It combines the positive attributes of both classes of compendium outer skin, with the aroma and feel of natural leather delivered at a low price.

    How Do You Brand Compendiums?

    Broadly, compendiums can be either printed, engraved or embossed. The branding technique chosen depends on the budget available, the type of compendium and the preferences of the person ordering. While many may believe a multi-colour pad print on the cover of a compendiums adds to its apparent value and appeal others will decide the subtlety of blind embossing is the best way to display a logo. The limitations of the material from which they are manufactured come into play in the branding process. Polyurethane can be embossed but it is not as successful and the cost of it can make a significant impact in the overall budget. Generally embossing is reserved for models made of natural leather to highlight the value of the gift being offered. Same deal with laser engraving. While it is possible to successfully mark leather compendiums with a laser generally it is applied to metallic products or sometimes those made of timber. Many compendium styles come complete with a metal badge on the cover and generally this is the preferred location for laser engraving. Printing as a branding option for compendiums is either by way of pad printing or screen printing. Preference between the two depends on the size of the artwork and the requirements of the final product. There is little difference to be seen between two jobs completed by a competent printer.

    How Much do Compendiums Cost?

    The available styles range from high end gift items which cost upwards of $200 each with an embossed logo through to smaller, A5 models made of synthetic substrates which can cost little more than $5. regardless of the cost of the item each compendium available serves the same function and does the same hard work. Price is simply a matter of form and style not functionality.

    In What Industries do Compendiums Have Value as Promotional Gifts?

    Where there is paperwork. Where there are multiple administrative assets to be managed a compendium has a genuine value. There are no industries which would not benefit from their office staff being compendium-equipped.

    Short History of Compendiums

    The word "compendium" refers to an amalgamation or collection of information on a specific subject. The history of the physical folder which holds information goes back thousands of years to the civilisation of ancient Greece when the educated and learned would carry their notes and talismans in a bound leather bi-folding document holder tied with a leather thong. It was at once a symbol of intellect and education as much as it was a badge of rank and honour amongst the intellectual classes of the day.

    Three Ways to Use Promotional Compendiums

    In total volume terms the foremost reason people order promotional compendiums is as attendee gifts for conferences and events. With quality branding these items encourage people to recall the conference, the networking in which they engaged and enhance the likelihood of future attendance. The compendium they carry is a prompt to future action and a reminder of useful experiences of the past.

    As a gift to staff compendiums are not only a way to say "thank you" for regular performance or indeed exceeding the call of duty, they are a natural way for staff to be encouraged to work in a more orderly and economical manner. Say you have a staff member who is often apparently disorganised, leaving vital paperwork and business accessories in a trail behind them. Rather than attempt to reprogram the entire brain an investment in a $20 compendium could increase productivity and worker satisfaction.

    Handed out to clients a compendium is an item which will never be thrown away, is more useful and less unwieldy than a briefcase and is likely to retain a prominent position in a client office. As a personal gift a compendium allows the storage of multiple items important to the business day of an individual. Combined with its natural prominent and large scale branding you have a promotional accessory which will continue to provide satisfaction to receiver and provider many years into the future.

    Minimal Price: $14.25