Promotional USB Flash Drives Custom Branded


The cheap data storage offered by promotional flash drives is one of the great recent changes in business technology. In few other products do we see a better example of Moore's law in action. Only a few years ago the standard memory capacity for flash drives was 128MB and the price per unit well over $10. In recent times with an increase in memory stick supply and huge investments in manufacturer technology it is now possible to source an 8GB printed usb flash drive for around the same price. There are few other products in history the value of which has increased 60 times in a generation, let alone a few years.

    Using Promotional Flash Drives in Marketing & Promotions

    Knowledge is power and promotional flash drives are the ideal place to store it. The huge amounts of data can be easily stored and retrieved on a small USB drive makes them a common-sense choice for business marketing. Ask us to pre-load each chip with your catalogue, latest TV ad or inspirational message. Add a web-launcher which automatically opens a browser and loads a page. Have them designed to resemble a popular product or your logo.

    With FREE set-up on our range you not only get a highly sought after executive gift but you can have it custom branded in full colour at a low price. They are ideal for data transfer, music files or images while rarely leaving the owner's side. Compact, powerful and great value you can now store in a pocket, handbag or purse the same number of words what would once have required a purpose built library and a trained staff.

    Promotional USB Flash Drives - The Compact Storage Solution

    On their own flash drives are one of the great technical innovations of the last decade. From a promotional marketing viewpoint it's difficult for a person to have too many. Easy to store in a drawer and pull out whenever needed they reduce the clutter of documents and excess paper work. Designing an attractive package ensures your customers carry their flash drives along with them from work to home, offering a powerful functionality for the transport and storage information.

    Instead of giving your customers brochures and booklets, you can save on your printing costs and give them data loaded on a promotional flash drive instead. Load them up with graphics, videos, PDF documents, and more. Your customer will be anxious to see what goodies are on offer, and well-designed content can keep them busy for hours. You can offer advertisements, specs, and even special promotional codes and offers, all loaded onto this device and ready for viewing. It's easy to put information onto a flash drive and even to take it off and change things around. You can easily load them with the most recent and relevant information before each trade show or sales pitch. Best of all, recipients can continue to use the drive for their own data storage needs after they've viewed your documents. A handy accessory that's going to stay around for a long time.

    USB Flash Drive Styles include Something for Everyone

    You can choose from an extensive range of flash drive casing styles. Slim flash drives in a colourful wrist band, keyring drives or those which look like cards. We even have pen drives with built in memory. Printed with your company name or logo so the user always remembers where it came from. Promotional flash drives have a way of moving from person to person as they're given to others loaded with information and images. Connect with business professionals in a whole new way with this essential office tool.

    Flash Drives
    Minimal Price: $6.00