Promotional Items

Promotional Items

The scale of your business should give some clues as to the best way in which to promote it. The temptation in marketing is always to go large and go broad. For many major brands which have items with general market appeal the idea of spreading the word far and wide is a useful strategy as every person exposed to your message is a potential buyer. However for many other companies and in particular those of us who are smaller and in regional markets the cost and management issues which come from general media advertising can potentially sidetrack an otherwise effective promotional strategy. Every company needs the personal to be part of their communication strategy and this is even more apparent when a company hopes to focus on its local catchment area to maximise return on investment. Promotional items are an ideal way for the local advertiser to target sporting clubs, community groups, schools and small businesses as convenient and potentially profitable sales opportunities.

It's the local community and at the personal level where promotional items come into their own as powerful marketing tools. Certainly the right promotional item carrying the right message can work for any major advertiser however for those companies which have a smaller budget and need every promotional dollar to have some effect a well chosen promotional item is hard to beat. Here are seven of the main reasons why offering your clients and business prospects promotional items is a proven way to increase sales and recognition of your brand.

Promotional Items are Something Real in a Digital World:

These days while there are more means of communication and ways to spend a marketing budget than ever before in history the overall danger is that people become disconnected and the new digital reality which most people inhabit day to day is a cause for disconnection. A critical part of promotion these days is to ensure your clients and other business contacts are kept close and the perfect way to achieve this is to use promotional items as a way of maintaining the personal touch in business communications. The right promotional item is a personal gift from your company to your client and the physical fact of its existence is a constant reminder of the relationship between you. In these days when most communication take place via email and the tradition of the traveling salesman is almost at an end a well thought-out promotional item is a sure fire way to keep your business relationships on track.

Promote Your Products On Your Clients' Desks:

While promotional items have a proven role in elevating relationships often the most valuable attribute they demonstrate is the simple branding message which is applied. Think for instance of a simple promotional item like a pen. Often the image area available when the print branding is being applied is insufficient to add a complex message or retail offer. However simply adding your logo a, web address and phone number can be all it takes to generate leads. Not only does the immediate impact of the item have an effect but in the longer term the daily sighting of your contact details is likely to result in recall at the time your services are called for and hopefully your promotional item gift will be enough to put you at the front of the queue.

Extend the Inherent Values of Your Brand:

Choosing the right promotional item and adding the right branding is a great way to highlight what is unique and most engaging about your company's services or products. A practical and complimentary item will create an emotional response with consumers which will flow on to your overall brand. A real, physical product which people can touch and feel then apply to a practical application is exactly the sort of thing which encourages people to learn more about your brand and highlight its strengths.

Promotional Items are Cost Effective: 

Because of the high recall factor and the long-term for which they are held promotional items are a proven cost effective way to personalise and extend the reach of your general media advertising message. Adding them to the mix of general media promotion is a great way to extend campaign life, visibility and recall.

Promotional Items Increase Brand Awareness:

The average person is exposed to thousands of advertising messages every day. As a simple defence mechanism we usually close our minds to the constant wave of visual and audio excitement. Something as subtle as a promotional item which the owner actively seeks out and employs for its practical values side steps this natural human desire to avoid confusion and message overload.

Promotional Items Leverage Your Brand Margins:

One of the most effective ways in which promotional items are used at a retail level is the "gift with offer". In this promotional activity an additional complimentary branded gift is given away with every product. The advantage is that rather than discounting the retail value of the item, the value added approach permits marketers to offer what appears to be a more financially attractive offer without reducing retail price and causing some long-term difficulty in maintaining retail margins.

While companies never hesitate to pile their promotional budgets into large scale media advertising where the majority of the viewing audience are outside the target market most are also skeptical about the value of promotional items as part of their general marketing mix. Research by the PPAI which is the world's leading industry body for promotional items confirms that of all promotional media available promotional items are the most effective. This is particularly true when considered as part of a broader mix of activity in which promo items naturally find their place. While many marketing campaigns are launched and driven by factors outside the sphere of branded items there are few campaign which would not benefit from adding promotional items to the mix.